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 Occupation Claim
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Coder oregon Played by Shawna
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occupation claims

This is where you can post your character's occupation. On this list, you will find certain positions that are specified, such as those within certain organizations, while others are completely open and you can add your own.

To claim, use the code below. Where it says "TAGHERE" please use the correct tag:

NSPS: ns
NO-MAJ: nom

PLEASE INCLUDE the branch/department/section on the claim

<a href="linktoshipper"><b><TAGHERE>First last</TAGHERE></b></a> | Occupation, Place of Employment <BR>

Feb 3 2018, 05:28 PM
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Coder oregon Played by Shawna
shipper dragots 8005


occupation claims

Arts, Sports, Entertainment, Media & Humanities

Alistair Duvall | Journalist, News Division, The New York Ghost
Charlotte Murphy | Drummer, The Sirens (Rock Band)
Keegan O'Brien | Fitchburg Finches Chaser
Rosabelle Walker | Journalist, The Liberator
Viviene Duvall | Singer, The Sirens (Rock Band)

Goods & Services

Kailani Alana | Waitress, Rosie's Diner
Nox Finch | Barista, The Daily Grind/ Announcer, The Reaper
Anastasiya Volkov | Owner, The Reaper
River O'Brien | Bartender & Owner, Shady Sam's
Anansi Shannon | Store Clerk, Shannon Brooms

Healthcare & Sciences

Reagan Cavanaugh | Coroner, Ailemer's Hospital
Cadence Richmond | Vet Assistant, Veterinary Hospital
Gavin Gonzalez | Magizoologist, Sweeting Sanctuary for Magical Creatures

Business & White Collar

Rain Richmond | Receptionist

Academics & Edcuational

Sylvester Cooper | Potions Professor, Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft And Wizardry

Criminal & Covert

Nathaniel Ashton | Assassin
Quinn Bancroft | Black market trader, NY
Anastasiya Volkov | Mafia
Red Broussard | Black Market Trader
Kingston Vasilyev | Mafia

Unemployed & Other

Mackenzie Rooker | Freelance Writer, self-employed
azalea shaw | Unemployed
Feb 3 2018, 05:29 PM
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Coder oregon Played by Shawna
shipper dragots 8005


occupation claims

Arts, Sports, Entertainment, Media & Humanities

Goods & Services

Maxwell Greenbriar | Cashier, Radio Shack
Micah Parrish | Police Detective

Healthcare & Sciences

Cora Nightingale | Nurse, Massachusetts General Hospital

Business & White Collar

Academics & Edcuational

Criminal & Covert

Unemployed & Other

Ottille Cohen | Aspiring Reporter, N/A
Noelle McCarthy | Unemployed
Feb 3 2018, 05:30 PM
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Coder oregon Played by Shawna
shipper dragots 8005


occupation claims

MACUSA is currently running a skeleton crew as it tries to recover from the attack in August of 2027. All departments are struggling to stay afloat, while some departments have been temporarily shut down altogether. These departments include: Magical Transportation, Wizarding Culture, Games, and Sports, and Magical Education

Positions with an asterisk indicade a canon character. See more details about them here.

Administrative Offices

Oversees federal business and overall MACUSA organization.

Ronan Graves* | Emergency Head of MACUSA, MACUSA
Open: ---- ---- | Vice President, MACUSA
Edward Hudson | Chief of Staff, MACUSA

Juniper Fitzpatrick | Press Secretary, MACUSA

department of magical law enforcement

A combination of police and justice facilities. The National Werewolf Registry is housed in this department.

0.1 Court Sytems

    Includes and oversees Federal, Divisional, and Local Courts

    Ophelia Azevedo | Judge, MACUSA
    Open: ---- ---- | Executioner, MACUSA
    Open: ---- ---- | Court Reporter, MACUSA

0.2Auror Offices

    Open: ---- ---- | Chief of Aurors, MACUSA
    Elijah Wolfe | Auror, MACUSA/Death Squad
    Rafe Wilkinson | Auror, MACUSA
    Open: ---- ---- | Auror, MACUSA

0.3Division of Investigations

department of the treasury

Works on federal, divisional, and local level to manage government revenue. They work with Law enforcement to enforce finance and tax laws.

Open: Charles Rappaport* | Department Head, MACUSA
Open: ---- ---- | Analyist, MACUSA
Open: ---- ---- | Policy Writer, MACUSA
Open: ---- ---- | Tax Collector, MACUSA

department of magical commerce and labor

Creates and enforces policies including fair employment guidelines, occupational safety, fair compensation, unemployment benefits, and re-employment services.

Open: ---- ---- | Department Head, MACUSA
Open: ---- ---- | Claims Adjuster, MACUSA
Open: ---- ---- | Director of Unemployment, MACUSA

department of magical flora and fauna

Responsible for studying, regulation, and controlling maical beasts, spirits, and plants.

Open: ---- ---- | Department Head, MACUSA

0.1Agency for the Regulation & Control of Magical Creatures

    Responsibilities include defining and maintaining magical creature classifications.

    ---- ---- | Beast Division, MACUSA
    ---- ---- | Being Division, MACUSA
    ---- ---- | Spirit Division, MACUSA

0.2Bureau of Magical Plans and Fungi


department of magical cooperation

Works to promote international wizarding relations, including government relations.

Open: ---- ---- | Secretary of Wizarding Relations, MACUSA
Meribeth Taggart | Translator, MACUSA
Open: ---- ---- | Translator, MACUSA

wizarding health and safety services

Protects the health of all citizens and provides essential services. All medical research falls under WHSS's jurisdiction, as well as regulation of medical care facilities.

0.1Bureau of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes


department Seven (D7)

Very little is known about the mysterious Department Seven. There is undoubtedly research going on, but citizens and most MACUSA employees have no idea about the department's inner workigns.

0.1department of arcane research & knowledge


department of magical defense

This is known as the main magical military force against the NSPS and has become the main functioning department of MACUSA.

Joseph Fitzpatrick | Secretary of Defense, MACUSA

0.1Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance Division

0.2 Magical Forces Division


0.3Civillian Defense Division

    Open: ---- Muntz* | Department Head, MACUSA

0.4Remediation & Recovery Division


0.5Mediwizard Corps



MACUSA affiliated groups formed without the sanction of any judicial proceeding or legal process

01.Death Squad

    A Grindelwaldian-funded magical military group that conducts extrajudicial killings, especially no-maj or magical creatures who they believe are working for the NSPS. Limited to 10 slots only for members. Death Squad members are usually undercover and may have other jobs aside from this.

Feb 3 2018, 05:30 PM
24 | Admin |
Coder oregon Played by Shawna
shipper dragots 8005


occupation claims

The NSPS, formally known as the Oyer & Terminer Research Institute (OTRI), employes almost exclusively no-majs. Exceptions may be made for Anarchist members and others based on admin approval. Additionally, please note that Heads of Teams must be 30+ y.o. and leaders of Branches must be 23+ y.o., unless an exception is made by the admins.

Positions with an asterisk indicate a canon character. See more details about them here.

The Council

The council includes all department heads (listed below) and various benefactors.

Open: ---- Blackbourne* | Benefactor, OTRI
Open: ---- ---- | Benefactor, OTRI
Open: ---- ---- | Benefactor, OTRI
Open: ---- ---- | Benefactor, OTRI

Accounting and Finace Team

Most employees have no clue as to exactly how magical the research institute they work at is.

Open: ---- ---- | Head of Accounting and Finance, OTRI

Public Relations Team

Manages the public image of the NSPS, and is the reason they have such a stellar, building reputation.

Open: ---- Davis* | Head of Public Relations, OTRI

Human Resources Team

The team duties of managing present employees and hiring new ones. They also keep a close eye on own employees and doing thorough background checks.

Open: ---- ---- | Head of Human Resources, OTRI

Defense Team

They are referred to as Falcons, the main offensive members of the NSPS, in charge of raids and outright attacks.

Open: Isaac Grisham | Head of Defense, OTRI
Open: ---- Wheeler* | Executioner, OTRI
Open: ---- ---- | Agent, OTRI
Open: ---- ---- | Undercover Agent, OTRI

0.1 Strategy Branch

    This branch is a specialized group that work closely with the Espionage branch; the difference being that they are soldiers while those in Intelligence are not.

    Open: ---- ---- | Strategy Branch Leader, OTRI

Intelligence Team

Information is power, and at the heart of every smoothly operating organization is a strong intelligence network.

Open: ---- ---- | Head of Head of Intelligence, OTRI

0.1 Espionage Branch

    NSPS prides themselves on their vast network of spies - known within the organization as Sparrows.

    Open: ---- ---- | Espionage Branch Leader, OTRI
    Open: ---- ---- | Agent, OTRI

0.2 Rescue Branch

    The employees of this branch, known as Magpies work to locate persons of interest.

    Open: ---- ---- | Resuce Branch Leader, OTRI
    Open: ---- ---- | Agent, OTRI

0.3 Extraction Branch

    Known as Canaries, due to their ability to make people sing, they specialize in torture and interrogation, mind invasion.

    Open: ---- ---- | Extraction Branch Leader, OTRI
    Dominick Mertens | Agent, OTRI

Rehabilitiation Team

Newly healed individuals are either reintroduced into society with no memory of their magic, or hired by NSPS

NPC: Marguerite "Peggy" Lefevre* | Head of Rehabilitiation, OTRI

0.1 Healing Branch

    Employees, known as Nightingales are highly specialised individuals, attempting magic extraction in the form of Obscuri, memory alteration and probing.

    Open: ---- ---- | Healing Branch Leader, OTRI
    Open: ---- ---- | Doctor, OTRI
    Open: ---- ---- | Nurse, OTRI

0.2 Research and Development Branch

    This branch focuses on experimentation so as to better the procedures of magic extraction and its uses.

    Open: ---- ---- | Research and Development Branch Leader, OTRI
    Victor McKinley | Researcher, OTRI
    Maeve Blackbourne | Researcher and Willing Test Subject, OTRI
    Dahlia Shaw | Research Assistant, OTRI

0.3 Mortician Branch

    Crows, the morticians of NSPS - they take care of the people who don't make it out of the Healing process alive. Often scientists use the corpses for autopsy and research purposes.

    Open: ---- ---- | Mortician Branch Leader, OTRI

Clinical Team

This division of the NSPS does noble work for the No-Maj, discovering new treatments for traditionally incurable diseases. Most of the employees here have professional degrees.

Open: ---- ---- | Head of Clinical, OTRI
Open: ---- ---- | Doctor, OTRI
Open: Benjamin Rush* | Nurse, OTRI
Ruth McCarthy | Psychology Intern, OTRI
Cooper Jane | Intern, OTRI
Feb 3 2018, 05:31 PM
24 | Admin |
Coder oregon Played by Shawna
shipper dragots 8005


occupation claims

Fringe encompasses a vast number of 'fringe' organisations that emerged as a result of the cold war, and sit outside of NSPS and MACUSA

Positions with an asterisk indicate a canon character. See more details about them here.

Catacomb Society

Seek to promote the interests of the often ignored Magical Creature society. Consists of a wide range of sentinel magical beings.

Abraham Lamb* | Leader, Catacomb Society,


Magical creatures, happy with the demise of wizarding society that ignored them.

Selene Moreau* | Leader, Anarchists
Avery Lexington* | Second-in-Command, Anarchists
Reagan Cavanaugh | NSPS Informant, Anarchists
Bane Akana | Bodyguard, Anarchists

Finite Incantatem

Lucas O'Brien | Leader of Finite Incantatem, Finite Incantatem
Levi Branwell | Second in command, Finite incantatem
Maia Greenfeld | Media Liason, Finite Incantatem
Open: ---- Lewis* | Student Intern (Club President), Finite Incantatem

0.1 Recruitment and Training Division

    Sawyer Thomas* | Head of the Recruitment and Training Division, Finite Incantatem

0.2 Sentinel Division

    Open: ---- ----* | Head of the Sentinel Division, Finite Incantatem
    Effie Fontaine | Guard for the Sentinel Division, Finite Incantatem

0.3 Search and Rescue Division

    Beckham Sinclair* | Head of the Search and Rescue Division, Finite Incantatem
Feb 3 2018, 05:31 PM
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