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 Canon Families List, List of Notable Families
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canon families

The following is a list of families canon to the original Harry Potter series, as well as Dissension originals.

Please note:

❋ indicates Canon character under Member Groups/Affiliations.

# indicates twins/triplets

please note that currently we only allow members to claim a maximum 3 characters in total from the these lists.


Please include the correct tag codes for your characters, plugged into where it says "TAGHERE" and post in code.

NSPS: ns
NO-MAJ: nom

<a href="LINKTOPROFILE"><TAGHERE>First Last</TAGHERE></a> (M/F) ##<Br>


Reservations last seven days. You may receive a three-day extension, only if you have posted your incomplete shipper. Contact an admin with a link to the shipper to extend a reservation.

Reserving <b>______ Last (F/M) ##</b>  | <i>ALIAS, MM/DD</i><br>

______ Gonzalez (F/M) 25 | vicky, 06/22


<a href="LINK TO AD">Canon's Lastname (F/M) ##</b></a> | Requested by CHARACTER, for TYPE OF PLOT

Below are a list of characters, present in the Canon's family list who are currently being requested in 'Wanted Ads'.
Note: Unless the person publishing the wanted Ad, plays another family member on the list - and is therefore making the ad for the rest of the family. E.g. 'Ron Weasley requesting the rest of the Weasley bunch.' Then Members are not obligated to base their desired characters on those requested below.

Melkor (M) 17 | requested by Sawyer Thomas, for half-sibling Family plot.
Quintana (M) 18 | requested by Ximena Quintana, as the Shady Prodigal Son in family plot.
Jan 29 2018, 11:18 AM
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Rae of Sunshine
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Wizarding Families

choose your ancestry

Abbot (Half-Blood)
Descendants of American magical historian Theophilus Abbot.
______, Abbot (M/F) 24

Bandrel (Pureblood)
Descendents of Damien Bandrel, also known by the nickname Black Scorpion, an American wizarding criminal who operated in the 1920s.
_____, Bandrel (M/F) 33

Beauvais (Pureblood)
Descendants of Violetta Beauvais, the famous wandmaker of New Orleans.
______, Beauvais (F/M) 35
______, Beauvais (F/M) 33
______, Beauvais (F/M) 30
______, Beauvais (F/M) 28
______, Beauvais (F/M) 26

Blancheflower (Half-Blood)
Descendants of Susan Blancheflower was an American witch and the Keeper for the American National Quidditch team in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup. Famously known for attempting to jumping onto the broom of her team mate after he hit her with a bludger during a match.
______, Blancheflower (M/F) 27
______, Blancheflower (M/F) 25
______, Blancheflower (M/F) 23

Boot (Pureblood)
Descendants of Ilvermorny founder, Terry Boot. Though the family remains a prominent figure within the American Wizarding circles, due to their heritage, the once envied and admired Boot family has since fallen into disrepute over the years, public scandal after public scandal leading to their decline in social standing.
______, Boot (M/F) 27
______, Boot (M/F) 26
______, Boot (M/F) 17

Brankovitch (Half-Blood)
Descendants of Maximus Brankovitch III, an American wizard who played as a Seeker for the Fitchburg Finches and the American National Quidditch team. And later became captain during the 1986 and 1990 Quidditch World Cups.
_____, Brankovitch (M/F) 26 #
_____, Brankovitch (M/F) 26 #
_____, Brankovitch (M/F) 26 #

Descendants of founder of Ilvermorny School and author of "Chadwick's Charms Vols I – VII" (which are standard texts at Ilvermorny), Chadwick Boot, and the witch and Mexican healer Josefina Calderon (who married in the 17th century). The family remains one of America's most prominent wizarding families today.
_____, Calderon-Boot (M/F) 27
_____, Calderon-Boot (M/F) 24

_____, Crowe (M/F) 25
_____, Crowe (M/F) 21

Duvall (Half-Blood)
Descendants of famed Beater, Troy "Tank" Duvall who played for the American National Quidditch team, and also served as the team's Captain at the 1994 Quidditch World Cup.
______, Duvall (M/F) 30
______, Duvall (M/F) 28
______, Duvall (M/F) 25 #
Alistair Duvall (M) 25
Viviene Duvall (F) 20

Felinus (Pureblood)
Descendants of Gato Felinus (also known as Mittens - The Cat) an American wizarding criminal who operated in the United States of America in the 1920s. He was wanted for No-Maj and elf murder.
_____, Felinus (M) 28
Olivia Felinus (F) 21

Fieldwake (Half-Blood)
Descendants of Loretta Fieldwake was an American wizarding criminal who operated in the 1920s. Wanted for No-Maj & Elf murder, described as "bearing wand, most menacing and extremely dangerous."
____, Fieldwake (M/F) 37

Fischer (Half-Blood)
Descendants of Wilhelm Fischer, an original auror. Family has fallen into disrepute, over the generations due to gambling and poor investment choices the Fischer’s money is virtually non-existent. The remaining descendants reportedly reside in a Trailer park in Arizona.
______, Fishcher (M/F) 27
______, Fishcher (M/F) 24

Fontaine (Pureblood)
Descendants of Theodard Fontaine (an original auror), and former Ilvermorny Headmaster Agilbert Fontaine.
Effie Fontaine (F) 23
______, Fontaine (M/F) 23 #

Graves (Pureblood)
Descendants of Gondulphus Graves, an original auror, and Percival Graves (other notable family members include Merton Graves cellist for the weird sisters).
Ronan Graves, Emergency Head of MACUSA (F) 45(NPC)

______, Green (M/F) 27

Grimsditch (Pureblood)
Descendants of Robert Grimsditch, an original auror.

Gonzales (Pureblood)
Descendants of Arsenia Gonzales, an American witch and a Chaser for the American National Quidditch team, and competed in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup.
______, Gonzales, Head of the Grindlewaldians (M/F) 36 ❋
______, Gonzales (M/F) 31
______, Gonzales (M/F) 25 #
Gavin Gonzales (M) 25 #
______, Gonzales (M/F) 23
______, Gonzales (M/F) 21

Han Po (Pureblood)
Descendants of Wu Han Po, aka Silver Dragon, an American wizarding criminal who operated in the 1920s. Wanted for No-Maj smuggling and murder, and described as "bearing wand and extremely dangerous."
______, Han Po (M/F) 25

Descendants of Thornton Harkaway, disgraced former MACUSA president (who's hobby of breeding Crups led to the breach of the Statute of Secrecy). Massacred during NSPS raids.

Heidelberger (Halfblood)
_____, Heidelberger (M/F) 21
_____, Heidelberger (M/F) 19

Jackson (Halfblood)
Claim to be the last remaining descendents of first MACUSA president Josiah Jackson - though no evidence has ever arisen to back up this claim. Published a tell all book.
_____, Jackson (M/F) 20
_____, Jackson (M/F) 19

Jauncey (Halfblood)
Descendants of Mary Jauncey, an original auror.
_____, Jauncey (M/F) 22

Jonker (Half-Blood)
Descendants of famed Wanamaker Johannes Jonker, a Muggle-born wizard whose No-Maj father was an accomplished cabinet maker.
_____, Jonker (M/F) 26
_____, Jonker (M/F) 22
_____, Jonker (M/F) 20

Karuzos (Pureblood)
Descendents of Luxo Karuzos II, the editor-in-chief of the The Wizard's Voice in 1926 (writer of "Rare Spells Exercised to Control the Truth" in the 6 December 1926 issue of the newspaper). The independent newspaper has since remained under the leadership of the Karuzo family.
_____, Karuzos (M/F) 34
_____, Karuzos (M/F) 30
_____, Karuzos (M/F) 28
_____, Karuzos (M/F) 24

Kneedander (Halfblood)
_____, Kneeander (M/F) 19

Kowalski (Halfblood)
Descendants of Quentin Kowalski, an American wizard who played as a Chaser for the 2014 American National Quidditch team. Just before Kowalski scored the ninth goal, the Jamaican keeper toppled unexpectedly unconscious from her broom - leading many to suspect foul play. (Though the ICWQC later confirmed that Bailey was suffering from an infected Sasabonsam bite). (No relation to Jacob Kowalski)
_____, Kowalski (M/F) 23
_____, Kowalski (M/F) 21
_____, Kowalski (M/F) 18

Lamb (Pureblood/Tainted)
Descendants of Dr E. Lamb was a writer for the The Wizard's Voice in 1926. Who wrote an editorial entitled "A Conspiracy of Silence?".
Abraham Lamb, Head of the Catacomb Society (M) 30 ❋

Lambus (Halfblood)
Descendants of Raymund Lambus, an American wizarding criminal who operated in the 1920s. His partner in crime was Herschel Haesito. The pair were collectively known as The Brothers. They were wanted for "money laundering" and "No-Maj murder in Europe and Africa." And described as "powerful wizards" who were "wanded and extremely dangerous."
_____, Lambus (M/F) 28
_____, Lambus (M/F) 19

Lee (Halfblood)
_____, Lee (M/F) 26
_____, Lee (M/F) 24

Lewis (Pureblood)
Descendants of Mercy Lewis (1674/75 – 18th century) was an American woman accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and 1693.
_____, Lewis (M/F) 23
_____, Lewis, Student Intern (M/F) 17 ❋

Limus (Pureblood)
Descendants of Eduardus Limus, aka Pretty Face, an American Wizarding criminal wanted for "counterfeiting wands" and for committing "No-Maj murder" in Asia and Europe. It described him as a "powerful wizard" who was "wanded and dangerous."
_____, Limus (M/F) 22

Lopez (Halfblood)
Descendants of Carlos Lopez, an original auror.
__, Lopez (M/F) 21
__, Lopez (M/F) 20

MacDuff (Halfblood)
Descendants of Mungo MacDuff, an original auror.

_____, MacDuff (M) 18

McTawny (Pureblood)
Owners of McTawny’s broomsticks.
_____, McTawny (M) 35
_____, McTawny (M) 28

Melkor (Pureblood)
Descendants of Katura Melkor, an American Wizarding Criminal who had been wanted for "No-Maj smuggling and murder." It described her as a "vicious witch" and a "malicious killer,".
Sawyer Thomas (F) 20 (bastard)
_____, Melkor (M/F) 17

Miraforum (Pureblood)
Descendants of Madame Miraforum, aka Big Hands, an american wizarding criminal who escaped from the New York Witches' Penitentiary, where she was sent for "No-Maj smuggling and murder."
_____, Miraforum (M/F) 33
_____, Miraforum (M/F) 29
_____, Miraforum (M/F) 25

Muntz (Half-Blood)
_____, Muntz (M/F) 31
_____, Muntz, Civilian Defense Division, (M/F) 26 ❋

Nettum (Pureblood)
_____, Nettum (M/F) 25

O’Brien (Half-Blood)
Descendants of Cormack O’Brien, an original auror.
Lucas O'Brien, Leader of Finite Incantatem (M) 37❋
-----, O'Brien (M/F) 26
River O'Brien, (M) 24
_____, O'Brien (M/F) 22
Keegan O'Brien (M) 21

O’Flaherty (Pureblood)
Descendants of Ortiz O’Flaherty, highly acclaimed writer of 'Big Foot's Last Stand'.
_____, O'Flaherty (M/F) 32
_____, O'Flaherty (M/F) 29
_____, O'Flaherty (M/F) 24

O'Sullivan (Halfblood)
_____, O'Sullivan (M/F) 24
_____, O'Sullivan (M/F) 18

Pander (Pureblood)
Descendants of Des Pander (aka Dutch), an American Wizarding criminal wanted for grand larceny and No-Maj murder. Described as "most menacing, "extremely dangerous," and a "malicious killer."
_____, Pander (M/F) 33
_____, Pander (M/F) 29

Peasegood (Half-blood)
Descendants of Abraham Peasegood - the creator of Quadpod.
_____, Peasegood (M/F) 25
_____, Peasegood (M/F) 24

Picquery (Pureblood)
Descendants of former MACUSA president Seraphina Picquery; and Lucas Picquery, an American wizard who played as a Beater for the 2014 American National Quidditch team.
_____, Picquery (F/M) 18

Pinnock (Halfblood)
Owners of Pinnock’s Gigglewater.
_____, Pinnock (M/F) 28
_____, Pinnock (M/F) 25
____, Pinnock (M/F) 23

Descendants of Lim Po, a wizarding criminal who operated in the 1920's. The International Wizarding Police issued a wanted poster for Po, which stated that he was wanted for "No-Maj and elf murders" committed in Asia and the United States, as well as for "counterfeiting wands."
____, Po (M/F) 30
____, Po (M/F) 27

Descendants of Abraham Potter, an original auror. Entire family massacred during the fall of MACUSA - no remaining descendants.

Pringle (Pureblood)
Descendants of Pringle, an American wizard or witch and a Beater for the 2014 American National Quidditch team.
_____, Pringle (M/F) 22

Proudfoot (Halfblood)
_____, Proudfoot (M/F) 26
_____, Proudfoot (M/F) 26

Pyke (Half-Blood)
Descendants of Lancaster Pyke, aka Magic Joe, an American wizarding criminal who operated in the United States of America in the 1920s. Wanted for the embezzlement of spells and No-Maj Murders.
_____, Pyke (M/F) 31
_____, Pyke (M/F) 28
_____, Pyke (M/F) 22 #
_____, Pyke (M/F) 22 #
Emerence Pyke, (F) 22 #

Quahog (Half-Blood)
Descendants of former MACUSA president, Samuel Quaghog (in office 2014-2018).
__, Quahog (M/F) 29
__, Quahog (M/F) 21

Quintana (Half-Blood)
Descendants of famed wand maker, Thiago Quintana caused ripples through the magical world when his sleek and usually lengthy wands began entering the market.
Ximena Quintana (F) 23
_____, Quintana (M/F) 18

Rappaport (Pureblood)
Descendants of the fifteenth President of MACUSA, Emily Rappaport. The family's current patriarch, Charles Rappaport, is largely known as a bumbling fool, who coasted his way into politics using the influence of his family name and generations of immense wealth. Was rumored to have once been secretly siphoning government funds to numerous offshore accounts.
Their uncle is Charles, Rappaport, Head of the Department of Treasuries, (M) 58(NPC)
_____, Rappaport (M/F) 29
_____, Rappaport (M/F) 23
_____, Rappaport (M/F) 18

Roche (Pure blood)
Descendants of Berthilde Roche, an original auror.
_____, Roche (M/F) 27
_____, Roche (M/F) 20

Ruczinski (Half-blood)
Descendants of the famed Beater, Greg "Crash" Ruczinski who played for the American National Quidditch team during the late 90's, early 2000's.
_____, Ruczinski (M/F) 24
_____, Ruczinski (M/F) 21

Sinclair (Pureblood)
Descendants of a long line of famous Alchemists. The Sinclair Family is knows for their noteworthy discoveries in the art of transmutation and matter configuration.
Beckham Sinclair (M) 21

Shanks (Pureblood)
Descendents of Eleanora Shanks, aka Crazy Lamb, an American wizarding criminal who operated in the 1920s. She had escaped from the New York Witches' Penitentiary, and was wanted for No-Maj murder.
_____, Shanks (M/F) 17

Singleton (Half-Blood)
Descendants of Ariel "Speedy" Singleton was an American witch who played as Seeker on the American National Quidditch team.
_____, Singleton (M/F) 20

Smackhammer (Half-blood)
Descendants of Darius Smackhammer was an American wizard who played as the Seeker for the 2014 American National Quidditch team.
_____, Smackhammer (M/F) 18

Stubbe (Pureblood)
Descendants of Esteban Stubbe, an american wizarding criminal who operated in the 1920s. He'd been wanted and charged for the crimes of No-Maj smuggling & murder
Silas Stubbe, Leader of the Death Squad (M) 30 ❋
Sebastian Stubbe (M) 22

Treetops (Pureblood)
Descendants of Abel Treetops (fl. 1832), an American wizard from Cincinnati who claimed to have patented a method of taming Wampus Cats for use as guards over wizarding houses. Treetops' was exposed as a fraud when MACUSA raided his home and found him putting Engorgement Charms on Kneazles. The family has since spent generations attempting to distance themselves from the well documented embarrassment caused by their ancestor.
_____, Treetops (M/F) 23
_____, Treetops (M/F) 21
_____, Treetops (M/F) 17

Twelvetrees (Pureblood)
Descendants of Aristotle Twelvetrees. Still attempting to rebuild family reputation following being nationally disgraced by Dorcus Twelvetrees, the dim witch who triggered Rappaport's law.
_____, Twelvetrees (M/F) 35
_____, Twelvetrees (M/F) 28
_____, Twelvetrees (M/F) 23
_____, Twelvetrees (M/F) 21

Ward (No-Maj born)
-----, Ward (M/F) 19

Wardwell (Half-blood)
Descendants of Mercy Wardwell, an American witch who played as the Chaser for the American National Quidditch team, and competed in the 2014 Quidditch World Cup. During the semi-finals, after her fifth fumble with the Quaffle, she began to repeatedly hit her head against her broom handle before being stopped by a teammate.
_____, Wardwell (M/F) 22 #
_____, Wardwell (M/F) 22 #

Weiss (Pureblood)
Descendants of Helmut Weiss, an original auror.
_____,Weiss (M/F) 25

Wilkinson (Pureblood)
Descendants of Charity Wilkinson an original auror, later became 3rd MACUSA president.
_____,Wilkinson (M/F) 27
Rafe Wilkinson (M) 26
_____, Wilkinson (M/F) 17

Williamsum (Halfblood)
_____, Williamsum (M/F) 35
_____, Williamsum (M/F) 33
_____, Williamsum (M/F) 28

Wolfe (Pureblood)
Descendant of Shikoba Wolfe who was of Choctaw descent, was primarily famous for intricately carved wands containing Thunderbird tail feathers. The clan was massacred during the fall of MACUSA except for one.
Elijah Wolfe (M) 25

Jan 29 2018, 11:21 AM
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Coder oregon Played by Shawna
shipper dragots 8005

No-Maj Families

choose your ancestry

Please note:

indicates Canon character under Member Groups/Affiliations.

# indicates twins/triplets

Descendants of Famed Scourers.

Majority shareholders at Steen National Bank.
-----, Bingley (M/F) 26
-----, Bingley (M/F) 23
-----, Bingley (M/F) 21
-----, Bingley (M/F) 18

An old and established upper-class family descended from Scourers and are marked by a profound belief in the existence of magic and an equally deep hatred of it. Prior to their involvement in politics, their wealth stemmed mainly from their ventures in shipping and later railroad industries. They have long been silent supporters of the NSPS ever since the time of Mary Lou Barebone but only began voicing out their true allegiances when the Professor made himself known.
Their current patriarch Philip Blackbourne, a 50 year old NSPS council member, can be described in one word; opportunistic.
-----, Blackbourne, Benefactor, Major Stockholder, NSPS Council Member, (M), 50 ❋
-----, Blackbourne, Blackbourne Corporation CFO, (M) 27
Maeve Blackbourne NSPS Research & Development Team, (F) 25 (Wizard)
-----, Blackbourne (M/F) 23
-----, Blackbourne (M/F) 18 (Wizard)

------, Brown (M/F) 24

Rumoured to be amongst the founding members of the NSPS, it was their ancestor Betty Burgess, a known associate of Modesty Barebone in New York in 1926. Who had lent her the wand that her adoptive brother Credence Barebone found under her bed on 7 December 1926. The Burgess family remains influential within the NSPS.
_____, Burgess (M/F) 34
_____, Burgess (M/F) 30
_____, Burgess (M/F) 26

Descendants of Richard Washburn Child, (5 August 1881 – 31 January 1935),an American No-Maj author and diplomat.
-----, Child (M/F) 35
-----, Child (M/F) 30
-----, Child (M/F) 28
-----, Child (M/F) 26

------, Clarke (M/F) 24

Descendants of A. Criddle, a 1920's journalist for the New York Chronicle. Who published an article, about how a recent spate of "mysterious occurrences" had caused thousands of dollars of property damage in New York, negatively impacting the city's shopkeepers, who were struggling to pay for repairs and lost goods.
------, Criddle (M/F) 29
------, Criddle (M/F) 27

Descendants of Deliverance Dane (died 15 June 1735) was an American woman accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 and 1693.
------, Dane (M/F) 24
------, Dane (M/F) 22
------, Dane (M/F) 20 (Wizard)
------, Dane (M/F) 19

------, Diaz (M/F) 30 (Wizard)
------, Diaz (M/F) 26

------, Edwards (M/F) 26

------, Eldridge (M/F) 28 (Wizard)
------, Eldridge (M/F) 26 (Wizard)
------, Eldridge (M/F) 23

-----, Friend (M/F) 20

------, Foster (M/F) 31
------, Foster (M/F) 27
------, Foster (M/F) 25
Descendants of G. Forbes was an American No-Maj who owned & founded the production company G. Forbes Productions.
-----, 27 (M/F)
-----, 24 (M/F)

-----, (M/F) 22

An wealthy family, with influence in the No-Maj political world - including long standing ties with French Diplomats. The Gibson family acquired the majority of their fortune and notoriety through their ancestor Charles Dana Gibson (14 September 1867 – 23 December 1944) an American Muggle illustrator known for his creation of the "Gibson Girl".
------, Gibson (M/F) 29
------, Gibson (M/F) 24
------, Gibson (M/F) 23

-----, 26 (M/F)

-----, Haas (M/F) 27
-----, Haas (M/F) 23

-----, Hall (M/F) 25

-----, Heyman (M/F) 34
-----, Heyman (M/F) 30 (Wizard)
-----, Heyman (M/F) 27
-----, Heyman (M/F) 25
-----, Heyman (M/F) 23 (Wizard)

Descendants of Chester Hidland, an American No-Maj playwright. He adapted a book by Edmund Major II into the musical play Oh, Rosana!.
-----, Hidland (M/F) 23

Janek Co-owners of Janek & Pelowski Co. (est. 1920), a tailoring company.
-----, Janek (M/F) 27

Descendants of Wallace Lassiter was an American No-Maj composer. He scored the musical play "Oh, Rosana!" by Chester Hidland.
-----, Lassiter (M/F) 28
-----, Lassiter (M/F) 23
-----, Lassiter (M/F) 19

Marguerite "Peggy" Lefevre, Researcher at OTI (F) 27(NPC)

Descendants of Jack London, an American author and journalist known for his novels The Call of the Wild and White Fang.
-----, London (M/F) 29
-----, London (M/F) 25

Victor McKinley (M) 35 ❋

-----, McLeod (M/F) 19
-----, McLeod (M/F) 18

----, Mills (M/F) 28 *
----, Mills (M/F) 28 * (Wizard)
----, Mills (M/F) 24
----, Mills (M/F) 19

The Moreau's aren't a family so much as they are a smattering of people tied together by a single woman, Selene Moreau, either by blood or bite. Their loyalty is far-spread - some choose to side with the matriarch and her Anarchists, others choose to fight her, and then there are those that simply want nothing to do with the war.
Selene Moreau, Head of the Anarchists, (F) 328 (Vampire) ❋
-----, Lexington, Second-in-command of the Anarchists (M) 29 ❋
Nox Finch (M) 22 (Half-Vampire)

-----, Murrey (M/F) 30 *
-----, Murrey (M/F) 30 *
-----, Murrey (M/F) 25

-----, Oberin (M/F) 19

Co-owners of Janek & Pelowski Co. (est. 1920), a tailoring company.
-----, Pelowski (M/F) 24* (Wizard)
-----, Pelowski (M/F) 24* (Wizard)

The Redler family have only recently had their eyes 'opened' by the NSPS.
------, Redler (M/F) 25
------, Redler (M/F) 24
------, Redler (M/F) 22

-----, Rush (M/F) 30
Benjamin Rush, NSPS Clinical Team, Nurse, (M) 26 ❋

-----, Russell (M/F) 22

Descendants of No-Maj politician Senator Henry Shaw Junior, who served as a United States senator from New York during the 1920s.
-----, Shaw (M/F) 28
-----, Shaw (M/F) 27
Dahlia Shaw (F) 24

Despite their roots within the magical world, as descendants of Ilvermorny founders James Steward and Isolt Sayre, magic is an immense rarity within the steward family - having popped up only 3 reported times (once during the salem witch trials, another during the 1950s, and again in the mid 2000's).
____, Steward (M/F) 33 (Wizard)

The wealthy Owners of the 'Valerie Valion Perfumers' store in New York, est. 1920's.
____, Valion (M/F) 24
____, Valion (M/F) 23

Owners of the clock-making company M. Voltolini & Co., est. in New York in the 1920s.
____, Voltolini (M/F) 28
____, Voltolini (M/F) 25
____, Voltolini (M/F) 22

-----, Wheeler, Executioner (M/F) 26 ❋
-----, Wheeler (M/F) 23
-----, Wheeler (M/F) 18

____, Wingrove (M/F) 34
____, Wingrove (M/F) 30

Descendants of Andy P. Young was a No-Maj who served as the vice president of Steen National Bank in New York in 1926.
----, Younge (M/F) 20

____, Zema (M/F) 23

Feb 12 2018, 02:02 PM
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