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 Forum Rules & Regulations
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the rules

we can't do without it



First and foremost, this forum is a community that prioritizes the overall wellbeing and happiness of its members. Although we might not be able to please everyone, we strive to allow our members to be able to air out any concerns that they may have. We want this forum to ultimately become a home for those who love role-playing and the Harry Potter universe--a place wherein we are able to continuously improve our creativity and build a whole new world through our collaborative efforts.


We expect our members to be respectful and kind both in the cbox as well as in all the Out-Of-Character (OOC) boards. Derogatory remarks pertaining to religion, sexual orientation, race, culture, political and social views will NOT be tolerated. Any grievances that involve any plot, technical, member, or site issues should be discussed with an admin.



We consider ourselves a group of advanced roleplayers. Our expectation is that our members will have at least a basic level of experience on roleplaying forums and will be capable of character building, filling out templates and plotting independently.


Please register in ALL CAPS: FIRST LAST. Every character has a separate account. All accounts can be linked! Please also take note that this is an Alternate Universe RPG set in the US. This means that we will not allow characters from the HP Books or their descendants unless they are specifically a part of the Canon Characters listed in the forum.


Applications must be completed within a week of it being posted. Should you need an extension, feel free to contact any of our staff. Any incomplete applications that go beyond the 7-day period without any proper notification will be denied and archived.

Members have three chances to correct any changes or edits that an admin recommends. If any major problems still exist in the application after the third try, the application will be denied. A player is welcome to try again with a new character but characters that use the same concept as a character that has been denied will not be accepted.

If a member wants to make major changes to an already accepted application, a staff member must be notified for approval. Major changes may refer to changes in the history that greatly impact the character such as family backgrounds, shifts to canon character slots, etc.


Please don't forget to fill out your claims. We absolutely require the following for every character: Face Claims and Occupation Claims. Canon characters are also required to post a claim once they have been accepted. Please make sure that your play-bys are at least 16 years of age and that they are within 10 +/- year age range of your characters age.



Our forum focuses on a plot line that includes a wide variety of topics that could be considered triggering to some. We have a 2-2-2 RPG rating. Because of this, we require our members and their characters to be 16 years of age and above. Swearing is allowed although we discourage excessive and unnecessary F-bombs. We can not permit graphics descriptions of violence or sexual content. .


Quality over quantity. We do not have a word count here in Dissension, however, each RP post must have enough meaningful content for other members to go off of. We highly recommend you write something comparable in quality to that of the person(s) with whom you are posting.


We encourage members to have characters that are equally active and well-developed. Because of this, we limit the number of initial characters a member can make upon registration to 3. That doesn't mean that you can't make more characters in the future. If you want to go beyond the initial limit, contact any of our staff members and we will assess the level of development and activity of your existing characters before we allow any additional characters. The final character limit is 6. Should you wish to go beyond 6 characters, you will have to purchase additional character slots from the Points Shop. We also have a 1 male to every 2 female characters policy to even out the number of males and females.


There will be monthly activity checks for the last week of every month. This is meant to serve as a way to effectively clear out any inactive accounts and to gauge the general status of the forum in terms of character count and member activity. It's easy: we only ask for a link that proves your character has posted at least ONCE in the calendar month.


The Admin Intervention Tag [AI] added to the title of your thread indicates that you would like your character(s) to experience some form of fortuitous event, ranging from something mundane (like a man bumping into your character, sudden weather changes, or getting pooped on by a bird) to something more extreme (such as kidnapping, assault, or murder). Having an AI tag does not guarantee that something will happen, but it does mean that something might happen. Any fortuitous event that occurs is canon and will affect your character(s) permanently. Use this tag at your own risk.

Please add the hashtag below at the bottom of the first post of your [AI] thread.

Title: Morning Muse [AI] / Tag: Rae

Post 1: Mix was happily eating breakfast with Rae. She liked banana walnut muffins. Oh, yes, she did! #adminintervention

Post 2: Rae wanted something more substantial. Bacon was the perfect choice.


Post 4: Mix loses an arm.

And the rp goes on to react to whatever the admin made happen.

Basically, you're doing a normal thread with someone. Placing an AI tag in the title and using the hashtag just means you are allowing staff members to swoop in at any random point in your RP to make something happen.

You are OBLIGATED to react to the Admin Intervention post. As stated above, an AI post is canon and permanent. Tag at your own risk.

Please do not forget to add the hashtag at the bottom of the first post. This helps us staff members monitor which threads are AI-tagged.

Sep 11 2017, 11:58 AM
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