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 The Plot
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a history

the main plot

On the 15th of January in 2015, the fragmented body of sixteen-year-old, no-maj born Linus Sommergrass was retrieved from the edge of the Ilvermorny grounds. Most speculated that he'd made an unsuccessful apparation attempt while fleeing from bullies. However, the official documents sent home to his father state that he had slipped after sneaking out at night, tumbling down the rugged cliffs at the edge of the castle. The boy's father was not so easily fooled.

Driven by anger and resentment over his son's death, Kelvin Sommergrass, a geneticist and leading researcher in Rejuvenating Biology and Medicine, came to the conclusion that magic was a danger that could not simply be entrusted to those who were born with it. Instead, it should only be used in a lab under controlled conditions.

Until Sommergrass sought them out, the New Salem Philanthropic Society was nothing but a team of religious quacks who picketed at street corners. Sommergrass brought credibility to their suspicions, at the same time supplying his own talented staff to get to work putting his ideas into action.

With the assistance of a mysterious group called the Anarchists, Sommergrass successfully abducted his first handful of wizards and founded the Oyer and Terminer Research Institute. The Institute acted as a front for his campaign against magic, known only for its promising advancements in medical research. It wasn't long before they earned the funding of the government and private investors.

The Institute's expanding wealth allowed them to grow in members and power. More and more wizards were being extracted from their daily lives and were finding themselves in darkened cells, being prodded at like guinea pigs and quizzed for information. Sommergrass's methods did not favor safety or sanity. The torture and death of those polluted by magic was a small price to pay for a secure future, and the rewards for this dedication started to trickle in.

It was the 10th of August 2027 when the NSPS struck against MACUSA. The magical community had been living in a period of perceived peace, leaving them unprepared for the cataclysmic raid unleashed upon them. Armed with explosives and clad in armor that was enhanced by magic, the NSPS cleared out the wizarding government with a few precisely located eruptions of poisonous gas.

Now with only a vague shell of their government remaining, the U.S. magical community has been forced to flee into the shadows, a fate many had not seen since the days of the Salem Witch Trials--hiding in safe houses, amongst the no-maj community, abandoning their old lives and surpassing their abilities in an effort to avoid detection. These uncertain times have left the magical community divided. While the majority are apprehensive to use their magic for fear of detection, many believe that without the presence of MACUSA they are free to live lawless lives and use their abilities however they see fit.

However hope is not entirely lost, there is a growing sense of change in the air… revolution has begun to stir in the minds of some, some who desire to not only for the establishment of the status quo but also the natural order.. with no-maj subservient, others who believe that the NSPS is only on the cusp of what they can achieve, the magical world hangs on a point, and the people are divided.

Sep 10 2017, 09:23 PM
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