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 blame it on the bourbon, finite orgy basically
21 | Fringe | Finite Incantatem
Head of Recruitment and Training Madison, FL confused Played by Vicky
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Sawyer was at least 62% sure that Mack had stolen all this booze from Lucas's closet, but she didn't have enough fucks to give about that O'Brien, so she drank away. As far as she'd counted, there was a bottle of vodka, two of tequila, one of some fancy ass wine, and something called Disarono (whatever the fuck that was). But she'd settled on her own poison - a red plastic cup with OJ, spiked rather heavily with bourbon. Must have something to do with his sad love life.

On a side note, Lucas had a problem that seemed to extend beyond his little coffee issue.

She was settled on a beaten couch in Finite's so called "living room" now - a vast and dusty space with thick red curtains that blocked out most of the light, a fireplace that was more clinker than coal, and a carpet which seemed to swallow your feet when you stood on it. It was a thoroughfare more than anything - connecting the kitchen to the few bedrooms, the balcony and the foyer, Lucas's office and the storage closet.

Someone had put on music now - Lana Del Ray, if she wasn't mistaken. The soft, almost psychedelic lull had her inhibitions trickling down her throat and dissolving in the acid of her stomach. A haze of otherness filled Sawyer's vision.

My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola...

People had begun to settle down in a rough circle on the carpet, the couch she was on conveniently a part of the shape. Mack as saying something, but the buzz in her head drowned out most things... She saw Keegan open the door and welcome Emerence in, Riley meandering with a slightly drunken sway, Effie and Stubbe murmuring to each other in low voices -

Sawyer went back to her drink. She wondered mildly if the alcohol denatured all the Vitamin C maybe she'd ask Riley.


Mar 24 2018, 07:25 AM
22 | Fringe | Officially Fringe
Unemployed New York Single Played by Emily
shipper dragots 10250
Soon enough,people began to take their seats, and muted whispers with Effie Fontaine became group excitement. Naturally Sebastian thrived within situations like this, and yet, his eyes settled upon the one girl he hadn't met before.

Emerence Pyke apparently. Keegan's girlfriend. A small twisted grin.

In the middle of the circle the bottle spun, picking 1 and picking 2 to enter the closest together. You'd hardly imagine a bunch of over 20's were playing 7 minutes in heaven, and yet....

1. Sebastian. 2. Emery.

His eyes connected to hers from across the space between them, giving her a small look. This was after-all simply a game. He didn't look to Keegan, but he could imagine the anger through him. Perhaps the girl wasn't ready to play? Sebastian got to his feet, an extended hand. For a moment he thought he might play fair, but after he watched that longing look between the two lovers, a small switch flickered. Eyes into hers, his Veela charm subtle, but enough to have her longing.


Mar 24 2018, 07:50 AM
21 | Fringe | Finite
unemployed Levittown, NY Single Played by Rae
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Riley was surrounded. Sawyer had sat on one side of the room, red solo cup in hand - a ginger field of awkward conversation and lingering eyes and freckles... Beck Sinclair took the other side - a lanky, minefield of... who even knows.

She stood lamely in the middle. Bopping her head to the depressing music overhead.

She felt like Burdian’s Ass.

Her rose her hand back up to lips, the disarono had already begun to burn away her thin layer of lipstick - dissolving it between the acidic mixture of spirits and coke. And she bounced it between her cheeks before swallowing. Until her mouth was heavy with the taste of cherry cola.

Her eyes scanned the meagre slither of ‘neutral ground’, shifting between a Keegan’s anxious (and woefully out of his league) girlfriend, and Effie’s bold red hair, the ends of which had seemed to drag and curl between Sub’s lumber fingers. Before they settled on the short haired girl.

Riley straightens as she makes her approach, ”How wasted are you?” she asked, her gaze drifting down towards Mack’s half drained cup. She wasn’t sure who’s lips had stained the rim. She internally cringed a little - for some reason the word wasted felt like something that belonged strictly in the dialogue of bad comedy movies, or in the mouths of cool internet kids to be applied unironically to ‘basic bitches’ like herself.

Her brows pulled together at the thought.

Basic... she certainly felt basic right now. Lame and basic.

She reached a hand down, gripping the armrest in an attempt to steady her somewhat heavy feet as she sunk into the seat beside her. The cushion was damp. Riley chose to assume it had been wet with alcohol and not some bodily fluid...


Mar 24 2018, 09:28 AM
24 | Magical | Unaffiliated
Bartender San Diego Single Played by MIX
shipper dragots 2000
River shoved the door open with his foot, languidly helping himself inside before making a beeline for the kitchen.

He ghosted through their little gathering wordlessly, whistling something random, as if it was completely normal to find a group of kids huddled up in a circle with illicitly acquired booze haphazardly scattered across the room.

His booze.

The heavy scent of alcohol and lemons pervaded the cramped space, and he could practically pick out all the individual spirits like the back of his hand. Tequila, vodka, bourbon, red wine, and an amaretto.

All the liquor he'd had stocked at the back of Lucas' office and then some.

The familiar faces amongst the crowd hadn't been lost on him either.

Quit while you're ahead, O'Brien.

With a sigh, River forced the last of the groceries into the book case that they'd been using as a makeshift pantry - one of the few odd things he did for the sake of his brother - and stuck his head out to peek at the crowd.

He wished he hadn't.

Wandering eyes found wandering eyes.

He flashed her a small smile, the back of his neck prickling uncomfortably at the mere thought of being in the same room. Red hair blazing.

He already felt intoxicated, his body humming at the sight of old habits.


Mar 24 2018, 10:13 AM
22 | Fringe | Catacomb Society
Unemployed St. Louis, Missouri Dating Played by Eili
shipper dragots 4650
Emerence was already regretting having agreed to come to this when Keegan had more or less guilt-tripped her into it but here she was. She was barely paying any attention to the game's proceedings, too busy nursing her drink to keep the steady buzz of alcohol going and her attention at Keegan — both of which was very pleasant, thankfully.

So it was safe to say she didn't notice that the bottle had already spun and landed twice. Someone rose to their feet and it was only when her gaze was inexplicably drawn to the outstretched hand and the person it was attached to that she became aware that her name had been one of the two.

The other being Sebastian Stubbe.


He looked at her. Was she staring at him? Yes, she was. She probably shouldn't stare so much but she couldn't look away and her fingers itched to reach for his hand. Just how drunk was she? Sure not that much, right? Thinking about it made her seemed to collect herself. Oh right, she had to play this stupid game.

She slowly got to her feet, leaving her drink where she'd been sitting on the floor and her gaze found Keegan's again offering him a reassuring smile.

Be back in seven, she mouthed at him and blew him a kiss. It wasn't as if anything was going to happen in the closet anyways, so he really had nothing to worry about.

Then she took Sebastian's extended hand.


Mar 24 2018, 10:40 AM
21 | Fringe | finite incatantem
quidditch chaser san diego dating Played by evvie
shipper dragots 10000
This was the first time he actually willingly wanted to hang out with the rest of his damn Finite team. A bonding experiment with plenty of alcohol and a childish game. Really, it made him think back to the last time he played - too young to buy his own drinks, but lucky enough to be able to pull Emery into a closet with him. They stayed in there for much longer than seven minutes, of course.

His willingness to play was because of his clouded judgment and his desire to get her in there again, especially after the failed attempt at a Friday date. A failed attempt at pulling her in.

That thought made him suck down the rest of the mixture of vodka and sprite in his cup. He needed to wash away that memory. In response to that damn thought, he pulled Emery onto his lap, wrapping his arms tightly around her, his head on her shoulder, as that bottle went spinning around another time.

His grip tighter as he watched it land on his girl. After having landed on Dickhead Stubbe.

She didn’t even fight having to leave him - no complaint, no struggle, nothing. Emerence just stood right up and took fucking his dickhead of a roommate’s hand as if he had nothing to worry about. That little mouthing of the words - a taunt. A fucking tease.

He poured his entire cup full of pure vodka this time, wanting to wash down the feeling of bile in his throat. Maybe that was too much - maybe he was getting too drunk. But goddammit, how could she just walk away that fucking easily? Especially after having pushed him away not only a week ago.

Keegan mostly trusted Emery to keep it to herself, but not Stubbe. After walking in to find some naked girl sprawled over Stubbe too many times, he knew better than to believe that dick would have any decency to respect the fact that Emery was his.

So much for wanting to hang out with these fuckers.

The rage was boiling up in him again and all he could do was stare at that fucking closet that she had disappeared into, fighting the urge to stumble over there and rip her out in his jealousy.


Mar 24 2018, 10:47 AM
22 | Fringe | Officially Fringe
Unemployed New York Single Played by Emily
shipper dragots 10250
A small grin grew as Emery took his hand, as if she had had no problems with it at all. Of course he couldnt escape a small glance towards Keegan, the corner of his lips twitching, his eyes flashing, almost as if to say: I'll play nice, promise.

But, of course he wouldn't. The fact that it was Keegan's girlfriend simply made this all the more thrilling. All the more exciting. He wanted to get to know her, get to know her body. Get to know what Keegan found so fasinacting about her.

Because on the off, he wasn't perhaps that impressed. She seemed somewhat shy and frustrated.

And so he lead Emery to the closet, the exact one he had probably made out with Mack in numerous times over the past few months, letting her in first. What a gentleman.

Without glancing back to the group, he closed the door, knowing the others, especially Riley, will be watching the clock. 7 minuets- 420 seconds. She always had liked things to be considerably precise.

It was dark, and it was tight, hardly leaving much room between the two of them in there. He could smell her lavender shampoo, her cherry-blossom perfume.

"Please to meet you." he commented, his voice low-husk like, his eyes never leaving hers. A hand lifted, tucking a strand of that dark brown hair behind her ear. Of course he would take it slow at first, see what she would do without his gift


Mar 24 2018, 11:18 AM
21 | Fringe | Finite Incantatem
Head of Recruitment and Training Madison, FL confused Played by Vicky
shipper dragots 27600
She was starting to feel the effects of the bourbon, so much so that she didn't seem very bothered by the goings on around her, only smiling mildly (though it came out somewhat feral) at poor little Christopher Shen over by the opposite couch.

Gosh, she should drink OJ like this more often. Her head wasn't clear enough to think of annoying things - she was buzzed. Happy. Carefree! And nope, Beck's stupidly pretty eyes on her face didn't bother her. Not at all.

Perhaps she didn't completely realize the game she'd begun to participate in until Emerence and Stubble moved over to the closet together. Sawyer thought she saw steam curl around Keegan's ears.

With a little smile, she got up and moved over, sloshing a little of her drink onto Chris's head as she did. Sawyer laughed out an apology over her shoulder, and plonked down next to Keegs.

"You must be annoyed," she commented lazily, and took another sip of her drink.


Mar 24 2018, 11:25 AM
23 | Fringe | Finite Incantatem
Guard for Sentinels Texarkana, Texas Single Played by Nat
shipper dragots 4600

Effie couldn't quite remember how this whole thing had come about. It had been some point, towards the beginning of the night, before the alcohol had begun to flow freely and before her head started to get fuzzy with the tell-tale signs of a buzz. She wasn't even entirely sure who had suggested playing Seven Minutes in Heaven or who had managed to talk her into playing, those details had grown fuzzy about two red solo cups ago.

What she did know was that she was never the type to turn down free booze, and everything felt very light and mellow. Or maybe that was just the white rum talking. Maybe that was why she had agreed to play, even though it wasn't something she would normally do.

She had been speaking in hushed tones with Seb until the bottle had spun, pairing him with a newer arrival. He stood and she turned her attention elsewhere, suddenly realizing that River was in the room.


It wasn't that she disliked the guy. In fact, that wasn't it at all. But when her eyes met his in what could only be described as the most awkward eye contact ever, Effie couldn't help but remember every bad thing they had once gotten up to together. But that had been a long time ago, and she was trying to be a better person now, same as him.

She mirrored his awkward smile, before tilting her cup back and draining the rest of it's contents. TAG @[river o’brien]
Mar 24 2018, 12:07 PM
22 | Fringe | Catacomb Society
Unemployed St. Louis, Missouri Dating Played by Eili
shipper dragots 4650
Before entering the closet Emerenced glanced back over her shoulder at where Keegan was still sitting, eyes watching and she gave him another one of her smiles, letting him know she wasn't worried and that he shouldn't be either, before stepping inside of the closet.

Seven minutes and then she could snuggle right back into his lap with his arms around her.

When the door closed and enveloped the two of them in semi-darkness, she became aware of just how much smaller the closet was than she'd originally thought and there really wasn't much free space to maneuver around in without bumping into Sebastian one way or another, their scents intermingling with the slightly musty smell of old closet.

Just seven minutes.

He tried to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear but she turned her head and stepped back out of his immediate reach, tucking it back herself instead, frowning up at him. "Uh, you too, I guess," she replied.

Her back met one side of the closet as she maxed out their distance and she folded her arms, watching him.

She sighed. "So you're Keegs' roommate?"


Mar 24 2018, 12:14 PM
21 | Fringe | finite incatantem
quidditch chaser san diego dating Played by evvie
shipper dragots 10000
The pure vodka was a...nice… refresher from the previous mixture. Too much for him to not make a little face as he sucked it down. It was probably a stupid idea, but he just wanted to get drunker to forget everything. To forget how much this already fucking sucked.

It was his fault Emery was here. He was the one who wanted her to come drink with him, to loosen up, maybe take her back to his room after for a good make out session. Letting his hands wander underneath her shirt - maybe actually being allowed to pull it off this time and -

Another sip to draw that fantasy away. Too many reasons not to think of this now. Mostly because of who she was in that closet with. God dammit, they were probably doing just that.

He barely recognized Sawyer plopping down next to him, too lost in his brain as usual. But her words - they hit him, reminding him that everything he was feeling was probably written all over his face. Had it been any one else, he might have shoved them off or walked away.

But it was Sawyer. And they were kinda friends again? Maybe? He couldn’t really tell anymore. All he knew was that her presence no longer made him want to send hexes her way.

And right now, that was what he needed. “Understatement of the year, Red.” How long had it been? At least a minute. Six more minutes of this torture. Maybe he could get away with calling them out earlier...


Mar 24 2018, 01:13 PM
Commissioned Writer New York, NY Single Played by Karrie
shipper dragots 10050
Mack was a genius, even if only she saw it as such. Booze, shitty hook up games, and finally having a night of not giving a shit.

She blahed on about the rules and shit, but what kind of loser had never done this shit before anyways? It was all recap and boring. And with the bottle spun, the first two victims stroll into the closet.

Laughter escapes her as Sebastian and Emerence lock away with a fuming Keegan in the wake.

Oh, this was fun already and it was only just beginning.

Ocean blue eyes make their way along to her, and all Mack does is smile at the incoming guest to her bubble. Riley has ways of really making it seem as if she had no friends whatsoever. Mack couldn't blame anyone for that really.

"Not nearly as drunk enough as I should be by the end." Mack laughed before bringing her cup back to her lips once more. She wasn't in the mood for the hostility of it all, she was here to unwind, get drunk and maybe land a good fuck.

"Keegan's pretty pathetic isn't he?" Mack settled on the arm of the couch Riley was sitting. "Almost thought this girlfriend of his was all imaginary."


Mar 24 2018, 01:17 PM
21 | Fringe | Finite Incantatem
Head of Recruitment and Training Madison, FL confused Played by Vicky
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"Oooh, nickname," she drawled. He'd called her Red. It made sense - literally no other way to shorten her first name, right? But Sawyer felt like they'd graduated to some other level of friendship, which was cool! "I like it. Do I just call you Keegs? Keegsie? Because like, I'd call you something related to your facial features, but you're too...generic, y'know? Because like, your hair is brown. And everyone else's hair is also brown. And that isn't original. But that's what generic means." She sipped her drink, the buzz growing louder in her head. Her breath smelled of oranges and bad decisions.

She stared into the depths of her murky and whistled. "Fuck. I'm drunk." Her words were beginning to slur into one another. Sawyer was made dimly aware of the last time she'd loaded up on bourbon, and she was not willing to kiss anyone in this room like that.

"You want some?" Sawyer stretched out the glass to Keegan. "Five more minutes. You could use the alcohol."

She shook the glass a little, its contents sloshing about threateningly. TAG @KEEGAN O'BRIEN

Mar 24 2018, 01:28 PM
22 | Fringe | Officially Fringe
Unemployed New York Single Played by Emily
shipper dragots 10250
Sebastian watched as she stepped away from him immediately, almost instinctively out of his grasp. Perhaps she had loyalties to Keegan, but Sebastian had never seen her come over, never walked in on the two of them. It was almost pathetic really.

Arms crossed over her chest and she looked up to him. A small actual smile upon his lips rose. Perhaps now he could see why she was with Keegan. There was an air about her that was almost prude-ish. And yet, he found himself wishing to break that down.

Wishing to take her like Keegan clearly couldnt.

And yet, he would remain with the idle chit chat for now.

"I hope you've heard good things about me." The whisper was low. It didnt need to be to any louder reach the girl less than half a meter in front of him. He, of course, already knew her answer. There would have been no good things to pass Keegan's lips about himself.

For a moment he wondered the consequences of pushing Emery, using his Veela charm to ensure she'd do something she wouldn't usually. The consequences werent the problem, however. Sebastian would wait. For now, at least. But patience certainly wasn't his fortè

"Do you think he's squirming out there..." Hardly a shift, but her small step back was lessened again with the shift of his body.

With her so close, he could see what he couldnt before. Her eyes were almost animalistic, tearing thing the dark.


Mar 24 2018, 01:36 PM
21 | Fringe | finite incatantem
quidditch chaser san diego dating Played by evvie
shipper dragots 10000
The tables had turned. Usually he was the one who was a rambling mess, but there she was, words spilling out of her lips like nothing. Despite how angry he was, he couldn’t help but smile slightly at her attempt at….well, whatever she was trying to do. “Keegsie? Really? You’re going to have to try to come up with something better than that.” A small smile. But his head turned back to the closet, back to the mess of emotions he was feeling.

He needed that distraction.

“I think everyone here is.” A small shrug of his shoulders before he turned back towards her, trying not to notice too much about her. Like how right now how he could smell was the orange on her breath, which wasn’t like Emery’s overwhelming lavender.

He did take the stretched out glass, even though he had one of his own, taking a good sip of the orange concoction and struggling to swallow. “I forgot how much I hate oranges.” A little snort to himself before handing the glass back to hers, his fingers brushing against the back of her knuckles. It wasn’t until he tasted the citrus in his mouth that he remembered. He washed that down with his plain vodka once more. His head was light and his mind ablaze.

Four minutes.


Mar 24 2018, 01:51 PM
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