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 you first, sawgan shady stuff
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The low, heavy thrum of falling rain pressed a sense of urgency into the thick California air, the smells of smoke and dust laden water filling his nostrils with old familiarity. He pressed his back into the alleyway wall, denim jacket collecting damp in the process, and lit the cigarette between his teeth. Lungs filled in euphoric warmth, dulled by how used to the carcinogens he was.

The boy - Keegan, he'd called himself, with the tenor of one who'd never done this before - was supposed to be here in two minutes. William detested tardiness about as much as his father, but a quick temper was never good for business - not unless you had the authority to back it up (again, like good ol' Dad).

He sighed in lazy misted grey, eyes drifting shut. The sloping aluminium roofing under which he took shelter only amplified the sound of rain to a raucous metallic whipping, but something about the cacophony fended people away. It was good not to be noticed.

Not unless you were a young brunette with a damp All-Stars hoodie, walking slowly down the alley as he tried to avoid looking suspicious.

William smiled, raised a hand and waved him over.

"Hey, kid. You're here for me."

Sawyer hated the rain. Fucking hated it. It was cold and windy as shit, and there was always the threat of an oncoming thunderstorm though recent happenings should have changed her outlook on those. Her old Vans squelched uncomfortably and she stepped through her dozenth puddle of the night, not even bothering to avoid them anymore, now that the showers had flooded lowlying downtown California. Shuddering, she tugged the baggy jacket tighter around her frame. Layers of thin clothing didn't do much for waterlogged bones.

William had asked to see her.

The request had been abrupt, and quite surreptitious - she hadn't expected to find the Melkor's at all, nevermind be contacted by them (naturally, a part of her squirmed at the thought of going to meet the man who'd tried to grope her, but...well, she needed every asset).

So here she was, walking down an obscure rainy street, hoping she'd be able to fight her way out of a potential trap she should've called backup, praying that this was some decent bone in his body at work, and not the higher intentions of that odious redheaded relative of hers, or his vile harpy cousin.

And perhaps letting herself get kidnapped this time could work in her favor. As she'd learnt before, it was a hell of a lot more traumatic convenient that seeking someone out.

Sawyer turned a corner in an alleyway, ducking her head as she walked. Ahead, she spotted two relatively young-looking males in the apparent last vestiges of conversation, shaking hands in a discreet attempt to exchange something.

She began to walk past, an easy pace yet loping gait keeping them within sight. The taller, lean one could definitely be William - she thought she recognized that dark hoodie of his, the floppy hair, but the other one -

He turned, and the question he threw had her freezing.




Jun 9 2018, 09:36 AM
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