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 Member Directory
24 | Admin |
Coder oregon Played by Shawna
shipper dragots 8005

Member Directory

who plays who

Please post the following template with your first character, and edit it with your subsequent characters.

You get to choose the color of your name! Edit HEXHERE with a 6 digit color code of your choosing!.

The image is square, at least 60x60, but it will resize.

Member groups are macusa, nsps, fringe, magical, nomaj, and student. They are all one word, lowercase.



<center> <div class="dirb"> <div class="diral">

<t1 style="color: #HEXHERE;">alias</t1>
<t2>age, timezone, pronouns</t2>

 </div><div class="dir">
   <div id="group">

     <div class="dirch">
       <div class="dirimg">

<img src="IMAGEURL"></img></div>
     <a href="LINKTOPROFILE"><t1>first middle last</t1></a>
     <t2>age, job, affiliation, user group</t2>



To add a new character:

<div id="group">
     <div class="dirch">
       <div class="dirimg">
<img src="IMAGEURL"></img></div>
     <a href="LINKTOPROFILE"><t1>first middle last</t1></a>
     <t2>age, job, affiliation, user group</t2>

Jan 29 2018, 02:55 PM
25 | Fringe | Anarchists
Coroner, Informant Whitefish, Montana Single Played by Shawna
shipper dragots 4700
shawna24, pacific, she/her/hers
reagan james cavanaugh 25, coroner/informant, anarchists, fringe
bane akana 33, bodyguard, anarchists, fringe
RED CONNLEY BROUSSARD 28, black market trader, unaffiliated, magical
Feb 14 2018, 12:02 AM
19 | Admin | Staff
Rae of Sunshine
admin England Played by Rae
shipper dragots 9605
Rae20, GMT, She/Her
Sean Picquery 18, student, Grindelwaldian, Students
Riley Arden 20, unemployed, Finite, Fringe
Juniper Fitzpatrick 30, press secretary, rapporpartian, macusa
Isaac Grisham 34, Head of Defence, Militant, NSPS
Feb 14 2018, 10:09 AM
21 | Admin | Moderator
Moderator England Played by Emily
shipper dragots 1200
Emily21, GMT, She/Her
Nathaniel Duke Ashton 23, Assassin, Independent Resistance, Fringe
Henrietta Anya Kane 30, Director of Werewolf Registry, Loyalist, Macusa
Maeve Annabel Blackbourne 25, Researcher/Willing Test Subject, Traditionalist, NSPS
Sebastian Rowland Stubbe 22, Unemployed, Finite Incantatem, Fringe
Feb 14 2018, 02:16 PM
24 | Admin |
shipper dragots 3300
lana 24, aest, she/her/her's
selene catherine moreau 328, head of the anarchists, fringe
montgomery aiden fitzpatrick 26, security guard, unaffiliated, magical
grace emmeline gardner 30, interior designer, unaffiliated, magical
morgan june connolly 24, medical student, unaffiliated, no-maj
Feb 14 2018, 03:07 PM
20 | Admin | Staff
Slacker Philippines Go away Played by MIX
shipper dragots 12210
mix 20, GMT+8, she/her
beckham louis sinclair 21, head of search and rescue, finite incantatem, fringe
sierra daniel clarke 24, curse breaker, grindelwaldian, magical
Wolfe, Elijah Samuel 25, auror, grindelwaldian, macusa
O'Brien, River Nicolas 24, bartender, unaffiliated, magical
Feb 14 2018, 07:25 PM
19 | Admin | Secret Government
Admin Night Vale In love with science Played by Vicky
shipper dragots 3300
Vicky 19, GMT + 5:30, she/her
Sawyer Emerson Thomas 21, head of recruitment & training, finite incantatem, fringe
Joseph Ronan Fitzpatrick 30, secretary of defense, rappaportian, macusa
Dahlia Quincey Shaw 24, research assistant, clinical, nsps
Micah Finley Parrish 27, police detective, unaffiliated, no-maj
Silas Alexander stubbe 30, death squad leader, grindlewaldian, macusa
Feb 14 2018, 11:13 PM
20 | Admin | The Gays
dying USA ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Played by karrie
shipper dragots 1400
karrie 20, gmt-6, she/her/hers
mackenzie alice rooker 20, Freelance Writer, Finite Incantatem, Fringe
Maxwell Greenbriar 25, Cashier, Unaffiliated, No-Maj
Abraham Julian Lamb 30, Leader of the Catacomb Society, Fringe
Ophelia Sophie Azevedo 36, Judge, Department of Magical Law Enforcement, MACUSA
Feb 15 2018, 01:14 AM
20 | MACUSA | I.S.R Division
Reconnaissance Specialist Las Vegas, NV Single Played by Eili
shipper dragots 2400
Eili 24, gmt+1, she/her
Quinn Leotie Bancroft 20, black market trader, unaffiliated, magical
Valette Jalen Arkwright 20, recon specialist, loyalist, macusa
Lucas Abel O'Brien 37, Leader of Finite Incantatem, Fringe
Emerence Jade Pyke 24, member of Catacomb Society, Fringe
Feb 19 2018, 07:13 AM
23 | MACUSA | loyalists
Undercover Agent (Spy) tallahassee single Played by evvie
shipper dragots 5150
evvie 22, est, she/her
anastasiya ivanova volkov 25, owner of the reaper & mafia head, unaffiliated, magical
charlotte faye murphy 25, drummer for the sirens, unaffiliated, magical
keegan delaney o'brien 21, trainee / quidditch chaser, finite, fringe
kieran francis dunne 30, drug-dealer, unaffiliated, magical
noelle petunia mccarthy 26, unemployed, unaffiliated, no-maj
ximena jahar quintana 23, undercover agent (I.R.S.), macusa, loyalist
Feb 21 2018, 03:55 PM
30 | Magical | Unaffiliated
Socialite Los Angeles, California single Played by Nat
shipper dragots 200
NAT 22, cst, she/her
edwina gertrude blake 30, socialite, unaffiliated, magical
effie marcia fontaine 23, guard for sentinel division, finite incantatem, fringe
gavin mitchell gonzalez 25, magizoologist, unaffiliated, magical
viviene sadie duvall 20, singer, unaffiliated, magical
Feb 21 2018, 10:27 PM
investigators department Jacksonville, FL single Played by renny
shipper dragots 6700
renny 20, central, she/her
julian edward norcross thirty, investigation department, rappaportian, macusa
cadence amelia richmond twenty-two, vet assistant, frindelwaldian, magical
Feb 22 2018, 03:22 PM
16 | Student | Finite Incantatem
Student Boston, Massachusetts Single Played by Guy
shipper dragots 2500
GUY 19, CST, he/his/him
Christopher Shen 16, Student, Finite Incantatem, Student
Kingston Alekseivitch Vasilyev 20, Mob Boss, Grindelwaldian, Magical
Feb 25 2018, 08:55 PM
27 | Magical | Unaffiliated
Bodyguard Saint Petersburg Single Played by Penguin
shipper Muse dragots 1200
Penguin 20, GTM+1, She/her/hers
Artur Dimitrievich Medvedev 27, Bodyguard, Unaffiliated, Magical
Dominick James Mertens 39, Extraction - Agent, Militant, NSPS
Mar 6 2018, 11:17 AM
23 | MACUSA | Grindelwaldians
Assassin New York City, NY Single Played by Cadie
shipper dragots 1700
Cadie 21, EST, she/her  
     Rosabelle Saturn Walker      25, journalist, unaffiliated, magical    
Anansi Shannon 23, assassin & store clerk, death squad, macusa
Mar 22 2018, 09:40 PM
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