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 LAURENTS AND CROISSANTS, Calling The Siblings Laurent
22 | Magical | Grindlewaldian
Bassist, The Sirens Paris, France Single Played by Valyrian
shipper dragots 6500
the loyal, industrious and illustrious house of LAURENT

They need us, the wide, wild wizarding world. The time will come when the oldest and the strongest families will need to stand, united, as one indomitable, indefatigable entity - the tide to turn the War to our favour, and render those that oppose us into rubble within our palms.

I eagerly await any and all applications. Thanks for reading my ad. Please PM me your application and we can discuss this ad's contents at length.

Age: 22, Occupation: St. Mungo's Healer, Affiliation: Loyalists, Playby: Darren Criss.

Background, Personality and History: It was Max who was the Laurent golden-child.

Max, who got away with studying Healing Arts instead of music.

Max, who never had to endure their mother's sharp tongue and even-sharper thwack of her violin-bow against Cordite's already-stinging knuckles, doled-out at the very slightest of accidental deviations from whichever classical musician whose notes Cordite was trying her best to follow.

Max, who was given all that he had ever wanted, plus quite a bit that he had not needed, plus Cordite's first-ever dream sportscar.

But it had been Max who had provided Cordite with a ticket out of their chateau home. It was Max who, along with a fellow Healer colleague, accompanied Cordite to JFK Airport to escape their parents' wrath, expectations and constant scrutiny. And it is Max whom Cordite calls her confidante, her staunchest ally and defender.

Age: 31, Occupation: Magizooligist, Affiliation: Grindelwaldian OR Loyalists, Playby: Katie McGrath

Background, Personality and History: Player's Choice (this can be decided via PM. Ideas welcome, but prospective player must provide detailed background and history information answering the questions of:

A.) Did something happen in Claudette's childhood that would have made her decide to, and strive to be, a Magizooligist? If so, what happened, why did it happen and when did it happen? Was anyone or anything with her when the defining moment happened?

B.) Where was Claudette when Cordite was pressed into the family's passion project?

C.) Does Claudette share her parents' political views, or do her views differ from their own views?

D.) what is Claudette's personality like? Does she keep in contact with her siblings? Cordite's history must also be taken into consideration and account in regard to both characters.

Maybe Claudette approves of her sister's choice of occupation and of the bandmates that Cordite calls her secondary family...or maybe, just maybe...she does not.

May 20 2018, 10:50 AM
42 | Fringe | Finite Incantatem
Second in command Finite Incantatem Wellington, New Zealand Single Played by Mint
shipper dragots 1900
-sneaks in the claim the sister-
Jul 11 2018, 02:03 PM
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