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 Atwood, Juliette Morgan, 26, Finite Incantatem, Lily James
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Search and Rescue New York, New York Single Played by Nomi
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Juliette Morgan Atwood "Jules"
details Name Juliette Morgan Atwood Age Twenty-Six Birthday May 13,2001 Blood Status halfblood resume Alma Mater Ilvermorny House Thunderbrid Occupation Search and Rescue Social Status upper-class Nationality American Affiliation Finite Incantatem relationships Sexual Orientation Bisexual Romantic Orientation Heteromantic Gender Identity Female Pronouns She/her Status single. family Father Marcus Atwood, 52, Healer Mother Georgia Evans, 41, unemployed Siblings Caleb Atwood, 32, Auror personality Amortentia Citrus, old books, liliacs Boggart Fire Zodiac Taurus Positive Traits jovial,Kind-hearted,passionate Negative Traits out-spoken, erratic,prim played by alias Nomi age 26 timezone EST pronouns she/her triggers none
Trigger Warning: Neglect and mentions of abuse!
Mother May I?
Your are nothing. It's like you dont exist in the world.

You're mother pays you no attention too busy with booze, pills and men to even notice you struggling. Then again you are nothing so what does it matter if you struggle.

Then you become everything. The father you didn't think you had comes around suddenly after years of not knowing you existed and he makes sure you are seen and heard. You couldn't read before he came along and you hid it from everyone out of shame. Your father helps you learn, despite having all the money in the world, he teaches you himself. In teaching you to read he taught you a love of books and myths. things are so much easier in myths. things have a way of working out in the end with Hera and her children but not with you and your mother.

She still hardly even notices your presence. The world between your fathers home and your mothers home are not just worlds apart they are different plains. the underworld and Olympus and nothing is making it any better.

You never let your fathers family know just how bad things have gotten until one night your mother drinks more then normal. her male friend starts stalking towards you and no one is there to protect you to save you from what is to come.

The next morning your mother blames you for being too pretty and it's then you realize she's never going to be the one she hope she will.

You never go back there again.

your father still has no idea what happened, why you decided you wanted to stay with them full time and why your mother didn't fight it.

He spoils you rotten. Despite having a child of his own with his own wife, no one treats you like you are a second rate citizen or that you don't belong. They treat you like family and the pain from before still haunts you at night.

you awake from nightmares of flame licking your skin but there is your father. Every night, sitting at your bedside ready and willing to sooth you back asleep.

As you grow so does your pain and yet it become muted until you hear of something similar happening to a friend of yours at school.

You burn bright, the heat coming off your skin burning any who dare come close. Why do these things happen? Why? You can't shake it.

Then it hits you. No one will protect us but us. Make your own destiny. This is where changes happen. It the light of day when with pain in full view. You can do things different. You can protect them.


Broken, kind-hearted, opinionated with an overwhelming need to see the right thing being done. Juliette Atwood has a strong sense of duty and justice. she has been standing up for everyone but herself for a long time. If not for her need to be a good person and speak for those who feel like they don't have a voice she's not sure who she would be.


It's hard not to like Juliette. She has a big heart and an infectious laugh. she can make a joke about anything. Despite her hardships and struggles she believes in being kind and courageous.


Juliette has alot of opinions on how she think the world should work. Closed minded people really tend to grate on her nerves. What is the future if not made to be better? staying in the past with our Bias' and prejudices is just neanderthal behavior.


Romance has never really been on Jules radar. It's not that she doesn't believe in love. the love between her father and step mother has showed her the best that love can offer, Juliette just doesn't see that as a thing for her.
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