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 Bishop, Charles Tristan III, 30, fringe, unaffliated, matt mcgorry
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Banker/Lobbyist Atlanta, GA In a relationship Played by kruse
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Charles Tristan Bishop III "Tristan"
details Name Charles Tristan Bishop III Age Thirty Birthday April 2, 1998 Blood Status pureblood resume Alma Mater Ilvermorny House Wampus Occupation Banker, Gringott's (L.A. branch). Social Status Upper Class. Nationality American Affiliation Unaffliated (Fringe) relationships Sexual Orientation Heterosexual Romantic Orientation Heteroromantic Gender Identity male Pronouns he/his/him Status in a relationship . family Father Charles T. Bishop II, 58, Broom-maker/ CEO. Mother Philomena (nee Glenridge) Bishop, 56, homemaker/southern belle Siblings Cara Bishop, 30 (fraternal triplet), Caroline Bishop, 30 (fraternal triplet), Celeste Bishop, 28, Cosette Bishop, 27 Other Maia Greenfeld, 30, love of his life. personality Amortentia her perfume, chocolate-covered strawberries, lemonade, the smell of summer rain, cigar smoke Boggart clowns, his whole family being murdered, maia dying and it being his fault somehow.. Zodiac aries Positive Traits prudent, honest, loyal, open-minded, compassionate, clever, intelligent, quick wit, intutive, confident, sensible, generous Negative Traits mischevious, stubborn, cynical, cunning, verbose, self-critical, insecure, spoiled played by alias kruse age twenty-six timezone est pronouns she /her triggers discuss first
The Bishop Legacy

You are born into wealth. You also don't enter life alone. You are a spontaneous set of triplets. Your mother's first journey into motherhood and she and your father got the three for one deal.

You come three minutes after Cara and Caroline comes seven minutes after you. Hence, you are stuck in the middle. You are the only son though. The heir and your father and grandfather are elated to pass on their name to you. Charles Tristan Bishop III. The only problem is that the adult members of your family don't know what to call you as Charles I is called Charles and your father is dubbed Charlie. It is your mother who insists on calling you Tristan as there are far too many C names running amok in this family of hers and by golly, she is the matriarch and she wants to have a say. Her husband learned early on not to mess with Philomena if one wanted their head still firmly attached to the rest of their body. Yu come from a long line of broom-makers. It started before you or your sisters were born. Your grandfather's father started it.

The finest American-made brooms. BBC in the American wizarding community stood for Bishop Brooming Company. It was desired for you from the time that you were young. You would eventually inherit the company from your father as was the tradition. You were the male Bishop and those were the expectations. Broom-making was a craft. There was just one slight problem. The moment you discovered this so-called legacy that you were to be tasked with taking on. You didn't want it. You were ten. You hated heights. You succeeded in crashing every toy broom you were ever gifted into a tree, your mother's favorite lamp, you name it. It eventually got rammed into. Of course, leave it to Cara to fly circles around you. Eyes wide and eager at watching grandfather made brooms with precision.






May 17 2018, 03:57 PM
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