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 Absence Tracker, Post here to notify us of site adsences
19 | Admin | Staff
Rae of Sunshine
admin England Played by Rae
shipper dragots 9605

Absence Tracker

We all understand that at times everyone needs to take time away from the site due to personal circumstances or simply because life will get in the way and you find yourself a little busier than usual.

Please post here to let us know how long you’ll be going for/if your current site activity won’t be as wonderful as it usually is.


  • If you need to be gone longer than a month you must let the admin team know in advance and we’ll try our best to accommodate you.
  • you must post a “return date” for when we can expect to see you again. If you don’t have an exact date, then simply post a rough estimate and you can come back and edit it later //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/smile.gif or let an admin know and we can change it!
  • You must list all of your characters below.

[template=magical] [align=center][b][u]absence[/u][/b][/align]<p> [b]alias[/b]: here<br> [b]range of absence[/b]: dates you'll be gone here<br> [b]characters affected[/b]: list your characters here (if you’ve also begun an application for a new character & have posted them in incomplete, list them here)<br> [b]Reason for absence[/b]: Post the reason for your absence//decreased activity here, feel free to go into as little or as much detail as possible. </p> e.g - Knuckling down for exams// taking a break for mental health // going away on a trip // just taking a break for a few days [/template]

Apr 2 2018, 12:14 PM
19 | Admin | Staff
Rae of Sunshine
admin England Played by Rae
shipper dragots 9605

alias: rae
range of absence: 03/04 - 30/04
characters affected: Isaac Grisham, Juniper Fitzpatrick, Riley Arden, Robert Miraforum
Reason for absence: WiFi issues 💔 I will try to come on when I can, but activity won’t be as frequent

Apr 2 2018, 12:18 PM
investigators department Jacksonville, FL single Played by renny
shipper dragots 6600

alias: renny
range of absence: 04/03/2018 - 04/30/2018
characters affected: julian norcross, cadence richmond, violet limus
Reason for absence: i actually don't believe that i'll have decreased activity for the entire month of april, so the date is really just a rough estimate. i've been really sick for the last few weeks and it seems that it isn't over. i still have to work on top of it so, i'm not getting a good down time period to really get better. sorry to those i owe replies to, i'll get to them soon <3

Apr 3 2018, 09:07 AM
16 | Student | NSPS, Clinical
OTRI Intern Salem, Mass. Single Played by Adana
shipper dragots 4850

alias: Adana
range of absence: unsure, possibly throughout April
characters affected: Cooper Jane
Reason for absence: Well, my absence lately has been mental/physical health related (getting a balance on my meds). I'm pretty much almost completely stable on them now, but April's really busy for me - lots of birthdays (mine, my sister's, my boyfriend's and his twin's, three of my friends, an old family friend's), plus I'll be going to visit family this weekend and I'll be on vacation to celebrate my birthday during the week next week. Might be home the following week since my boyfriend is going out of town to visit his twin, but I can't guarantee it - and even if I am, I'll probably be mentally and socially exhausted from my vacation to begin with.

Apr 5 2018, 05:01 PM
19 | Admin | Secret Government
Admin Night Vale In love with science Played by Vicky
shipper dragots 3000

alias: Vicky
range of absence: probably till mid June
characters affected: Sawyer Thomas, Nox Finch, Joseph Fitzpatrick's, Dahlia Shaw, Micah Parrish
Reason for absence: Term end exams in May, and then finals in June //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/sad.gif I'll probably lurk in the chat and do a sporadic tag but otherwise won't post on here very much.

Apr 17 2018, 10:37 AM
28 | MACUSA | Loyalists
Translator St. Andrews, Scotland Single Played by dogmeat
shipper dragots 600

alias: dogmeat
range of absence: now until around may 6
characters affected: Ottille Cohen, meribeth Taggart, Charlemagne williamsum
Reason for absence: finals are coming up and I really need to focus on them. things should get back to normal afterwards!

Apr 24 2018, 11:22 PM
26 | NoMaj | unaffiliated
unemployed Gig Harbor, WA single Played by evvie
shipper dragots 1700

alias: evvie
range of absence: maybe until May 30
characters affected: noelle mccarthy, ximena quintana, keegan o'brien, kieran nott, charlotte murphy, anastasiya volkov
Reason for absence: really this is more decreased activity than anything. i have a lot coming up between family parties/events, applying for jobs, my two current jobs, and wedding stuff. i don't think it'll take me until the end of the month to get caught up, but i just wanted to give y'all a heads up as to why i won't be around bothering you constantly like usual <3

May 16 2018, 12:58 PM
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