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 Felinus, Olivia Gwyneth, 21, Grindlewaldian, Laura Gwyneth Butler
21 | Magical | Grindlewaldian
New York Ghost, Intern Manhattan Dating Played by Rae
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Olivia Gwyneth Felinus "Liv"
details Name Olivia Gwyneth Felinus Age Twenty-One Birthday June 8th, 2006 Blood Status pureblood resume Alma Mater Ilvermorny House Wampus Occupation Intern at the New York Ghost Social Status upper-class Nationality American Affiliation Grindlewaldian relationships Sexual Orientation Bisexual Romantic Orientation Biromantic Gender Identity Cis-Female Pronouns She/her Status Dating family Father Matthew Felinus, 54, Owner of Felinus Printing Co. Mother Julia Felinus, 44, Socialite Siblings ____ Felinus, 27, ____ Other N/A personality Amortentia Cherries, Fresh Sheets, Rum, Forget me nots Boggart A sound. A wailing baby. Zodiac Gemini Positive Traits Passionate, Honest, ‘creatuve’, Funny Negative Traits Temperamental, vindictive, jealousy, unempathetic, poor self control, minimal regard for others (or the value of the dollar) or long term consequences, reckless, spiteful, somewhat promiscuous played by alias Rae age 20 timezone GMT pronouns She/Her triggers N/A
Track 1: Burning Love
You were born in Manhattan.

It would hardly be accurate to suggest your parents were childhood sweethearts, your mother was a grubby social climber (who’d spend most of her time gazing into mirrors, popping xanax, and acting as nouveau riche as she felt) and your father was a ‘crook’, with a surprisingly successful printing business.

He says your mother pricked a condom. It might be nicer to say that you were planned, at the very least you were wanted.

Matthew Felinus, was born into money. Meaning that for the vast majority of his life he’d never stepped foot in your magical cities’ subway system - never felt the strain of standing up for the vast majority of the journey, wedged uncomfortably between various other business wigs, a young lady forced to stare into the sweaty pit of his armpit.. for the most part he’d do the same monotonous chores every day from sunrise till sunset, He’d smoke a cigar, drink a malt whiskey, dividing his free time between striking your mother and playing bowling. He knew all the words to every song on the radio, his favourite animal was a polar bear.

Rich people always have stupid problems.

This is important - these small trivial facts… like anchors. Mostly you’ll briefly consider them when people hound you for excuses for your shitty behaviour. My father hit my mother. My father drank, and my mother didn’t hug me enough. My parents sucked. Nothing is anybody’s fault. They were fucked up by their own parents, who were fucked up by Adam and Eve, who were fucked up by God, who was fucked up by the Big Bang or something…

He didn’t give you the blessing of an angsty upbringing, by leaving when you’d be too young to remember him clearly, when perhaps in place of defined features you’d think of him and imagine something warm… like sad, dopey, heroines in teen coming of age movies like the heat of the polluted sun on the back of your neck, or rubbing your leather gloves together on cold afternoons.

Instead, he stayed (supposedly did terrible things to people, but you turned up the volume of the song and the courts can’t make you testify), and everyone just got on with things.

—— You’re not sure what’s wrong with you. You’re competent for the most part, your Mom always But there’s something wrong with you, when you’re little you can’t describe it and when you’re older you just ignore it. It’s like a rage, and it starts off small — “Give it back!” you drop it. Perhaps throw might be a better more apt verb. Either way it makes an unattractive cracking sound when it hits the floor… partly because you’re too young to control your emotions, and partly because even at such a tender age you’re well aware of the fact that you simply could

and then it grows

burst milk, smashed snow globe, scrapped knee and cut hair, tears She deserved it.

You got a swift slap across the face for the Tabitha incident.

Track 2: A little less conversation
Thank fuck you’re in Wampus, Horned Serpent would’ve been better but if you’d been anywhere else you may as well have considered yourself as Squib. What would’ve been the point in wasting 7 years at Ilvermorny just to be in Pukwudgie?

And school is fine. Money makes you friends, even if your bold personality & family history limit the number of intimate ones - you’ve never cared about what those self righteous, lemmings think anyway.

Your friends have a similar mentality.

He doesn’t come in till the summer before 6th Year.

You lay back. The dust mites feel different against your arm, manipulated beneath cool jets of air — they catch the light above you. For a moment it’s like a halo, a bold heavenly glow that shimmers in the air above his head, and if you blink you might not catch it again.

Time often romanticises things though.

The end result is like the righteous and crushing hand of reality. A blue plus on a white stick, in the stall of a ‘subway station bathroom’ — hand clamped over your mouth and this time it’s not because of the putrid smell of public toilets.

This is when things go a little hazy, and the days start bleeding into one another. It’s your most pressing secret, and the timing is terrible because parts overlap with the new school year — but somehow, eventually.. two months, almost 3 and a half weeks later.. you’ve ‘handled’ it.

Track 3: Pocketful of Rainbows
You graduate, life is as expected.

Your temper hasn’t improved, instead at times it feels as though it’s surely grown with you - it’s like a great shadow that stalks you as you cross each tender mile stone. You wake up and it’s been waiting or you, has been bleeding into your mouth, caustic and vile, rotting your teeth to points… it makes you say things - you mean them (that’s true), at times it feels like perhaps it makes you do things.

Smashed glass, bloodied lip, disfigured trollies, ugly words..

Perhaps it’s because you’re simply a terrible person, entitled, spoilt. It would be nice to go back to that big bang theory.

But for a while you manage to tame it, before MACUSA fell, and everyone left, and things changed— you managed to hold back.

Track 4: Suspicious Minds

Red hands touch red hair.

Everything is red. Even the air around you is red, red and loud like it’s thick with welts.

You didn’t mean to

But, Temper, temper…

It’s not good, so you forget about it.

Track 5: Hound Dog

Better doesn’t always mean better for everyone.

Even you know not to speak up — especially after what He did to the family.

Your arms hang limply from your sides and you’re forced to smile as you watch them disappear into your father’s study, clouds of smoke follow them inside ‘poker nights’ are more openly discussed these days.

And maybe, now that some of your friends are gone.. it’s time to make new ones.

After all, half gods are worshipped in wine and flowers. Real god’s demand blood.


A member of the criminal Felinus family, her father uses their house to hold ‘poker nights’ with fellow Grindlewaldians - which recently have become one of the meeting places for more intimate members of the party. A year or so ago, her brother ‘the blood-traitor’ disgraced the family and ran off to be with a No-Maj.

A bored Manhattan socialite, who at had a secret abortion at 16 and now works part time at an internship with the New York Ghost, a position likely brought for her because of Family ties and intimidation tactics, she uses the position to help write pro-Grindlewaldian propaganda and interview other influential people in the Wizarding world.

Her temper has driven her to do bad things in the past, however it’s escalated in recent years - even more so since MACUSA’s fall… and she dissociates from it all, forgetting why she wakes up bruised, in yesterday’s clothing, or why her knuckles are cut or her feet are sore like she’s been running.


Most of her friends would likely be people with similar upbringings, or other Grindlewaldians, she has an intense personality and doesn’t necessarily care about being insensitive about money which makes friends from poorer backgrounds unlikely. Due to her families beliefs and criminal background it also limits “decent” people.

But she does work with the Ghost now, so likely has to step outside of her comfort zone and interview a lot or different people and attempt to be civil.


As a Grindlewaldian and a member of a well known criminal family, there are likely a lot of people she wouldn’t get on with. A particular pet peeve of hers would be people who self righteously act as though their family histories are perfect.


In spite of the ‘situation’ that occurred when she was 16, she hasn’t been entirely put off by romantic relationships but she does often dismiss things as she gets bored quite easily and doesn’t necessarily respect the boundaries of relationships etc - like most people she’s grown up with.

She likes guys and girls in equal amounts (though has never publicly dated a girl); for the most part her relationships are fairly shallow - or filled with attempts to one up the other person.

Apr 28 2018, 06:14 AM
21 | Admin | Moderator
Moderator England Played by Emily
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welcome toDISSENSION

Congratulations and Welcome to Dissension! To get started, please fill out your claims, upate the member directory, and check out other shippers to help get your character involved in plots!

MACUSA has fallen. Are you ready?

Apr 30 2018, 06:53 AM
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Bad InfluenceSeb
Little ginger girl running in circles, teasing and laughing.

Teenage redhead with blood dripping between her fingers, smiling over, proud and twistedly-friendly.

You knew me before I grew my leopard skin. There were no morals, no boundaries we would not cross, not rules we would not break- together

Of course you never approved when I spent my time away from you and with Serenity. You never did like sharing. I hurt your feelings, that sour look on your face always has been clear. You really should learn not to take it personally. You know better than anyone that it's never quite as simple as that.

Not that I ever did tell you why i shifted sides.

But now she's dead, and there is nothing holding me back..

You're a bad influence. We're bad influences upon each other, and there is nothing more tempting than the past to indulge. Who knows the terrors we will erupt. But if i know you, which i do, there is no doubt that our childhood will not have been the last of split blood.

"Jealousy really does suit you, Liv"

Apr 30 2018, 07:09 PM
23 | MACUSA | Grindelwaldians
Assassin New York City, NY Single Played by Cadie
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You are the redhead girl with a red temper from the Felinus family. I know of you, but I don't know.

I don’t think I’m supposed to talk to you. My parents have told me all about your family. Mom has never invited your parents to the parties and I think she has invited all of New York. You are two years younger than me too… I guess we don’t talk in school. Why would we?

Outside of Ilvermorny the situation has changed. Just a little. I have started to read your articles in the Ghost. I like the fact they are pro-Grindlewaldian. We need that. I need that. Your articles aren’t bad, they are not good either. Perhaps, I am waiting for you to find your voice. You'll be great one day.

I wrote to you once about it.


"Sincerely, a Spider."

May 16 2018, 03:52 PM
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