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 Just one yesterday, Penguin | Dominick
42 | Fringe | Finite Incantatem
Second in command Finite Incantatem Wellington, New Zealand Single Played by Mint
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He always had been a curious man, certainly when it came down to things he actually shouldn’t do or know. Maybe it wasn’t his best character trait. Mostly because it could get him into trouble.

(He didn’t talk about those moments it had gotten him into trouble.)

Levi had become more careful over the years, certainly after everything that had happened. And yet he couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t help but just smile at people while he was trying to find himself a way to the sewers. One of those smile that could easily raise suspicion. Like he was planning something illegal. Maybe he was, in a way. He was heading to the black market, a place that definitely was considered illegal. Levi mostly just came there out of curiosity, not because he wanted to buy things. He was more interested in the people, magical people, people who might need shelter he could provide.

As soon as he had turned left into an ally, he took his wand out of his sleeve. No way he was actually going to waltz through the sewers. He was not a rat, thank you very much. Levi glanced over his shoulder, made sure no one was around before he disapparated. It wasn’t the first time he would go to the Black market. The man knew exactly where to apparate, making sure he didn’t lose some parts of his body along the way.

He had heard enough stories of people who did lose some body parts and he was pretty sure he never wanted to find out what it felt like.

Levi tucked his wand away again before he started to walk down the street. A few glanches to his left and right was enough to tell him nobody should try to buy anything here without knowing exactly what it was they wanted.

The man was just looking at a foe-mirror he just passed, when something suddenly got in his way. No, not something, someone. ”I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” His head snapped forward and an apologetic smile was curled around his lips. ”I didn’t hurt you, did I? I didn’t mean to step on your toes or to bump into you.”


Apr 14 2018, 03:27 PM
39 | NSPS | Militant
Extraction - agent Antwerp Single Played by Penguin
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Mud. Other filth. It was now covering his black shoes. He knew what he was getting into when he planned the trip, that way he was not wearing his best clothes or shoes. That didn’t make it any more pleasant. Dominick was aware of the kind of people he would encounter and from the moment he’d walked into the black market, he hadn’t looked at anyone. All these wizards and other creature together at one place. He most certainly didn’t like being there.

There was so much stuff and everywhere he looked there was something of interest. Most things were most definitely deadly. When you wanted someone to die a horrible death, you would find the right object to do it with here.
That was exactly why the man was there. Not that he was planning on killing someone, but he could find another use for the object. They could find another use for it.

At one of the tables, he stood still, his eyes scanning all the objects until he found one. It looked a bit like a trophy, yet he was sure it wasn’t just that. He got a hold of a small piece of the object and turned it around. You never knew what those things could do and how it would respond to a mere touch. Before lifting the thing he looked at the man standing behind the table. He didn’t look too concerned so Dominick took his chances and grabbed the thing with both hands. Even if he wanted to use the thing, it would be useless. Yet there might be some use for it in the NSPS. Maybe they’d try to get the magic out of it or something.

Someone bumped into him and almost at the same time an apology was thrown his way. “Oh, you didn’t mean it, well good for you.” He looked at the man from head to toe - judging him- before he found his eyes again. If it was clear by the tone of his voice, his face would tell you enough. Dominick wasn’t pleased with the fact one of them had walked against him.

His brows moved closer to each other when seeing the smile on the others face. “What? Are you about to keep standing there until you get a don’t worry, it’s nothing?” He lifted his hands a bit in the air and with that also the object he had inspecting. What it was used for or what it could do was unknown to him. Moving it through the air might not have been the best idea, but for him, it was not that bad. There have been times he responded a lot worse to a situation like this.

Apr 15 2018, 03:20 AM
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