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 Finch, Nox, 22, unaffiliated, Sen Mitsuji
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shipper dragots
basics                  Nox Finch"Levi"                     details Name Nox Finch Age Twenty two Birthday 01 September, 2005 Blood Status Tainted (half-vampire)    resume  Alma Mater Ilvermorny House Pukwudgie Occupation Barista @ some vegan hipster café Social Status Middle classNationality British Affiliation Unaffiliated  relationshipsSexual Orientation Pansexual Romantic Orientation GreyromanticGender Identity Cis-male Pronouns He/Him Status Untethered    family  Father Jonathan Finch, 51, retired magizoologist Mother Selene Moreau, 328, Head of the Anarchists Siblings Sterling Finch, 21, unemployedEbony Finch, 19, dancerOther N/A  personality  Amorentia Lavender, burnt rubber, fresh linen, skin,her (but Levi smells caramel and sea salt, rain and pizza and mold). Boggart "I've been avoiding you," she says, and he shatters. Clowns. He's afraid of clowns. Zodiac Virgo Positive Traits Intelligent, adept at magic, doesn't take offence easily, smiles a lot. Negative Traits Trigger happy, sadistic, likes to play games, doesn't take anything seriously, lacking in conscience, brutal.  played by  alias Vicky age 19 timezone GMT + 5:30 pronouns She/Her triggers None        personality       There's someone in my head, but it's not me.  He is not the sum of his parts. But Nox Finch is more than one. Of magical and vampire blood; maybe it's only fit that he has a chimeric personality to match.Levi James was a lot of things - cheerful, genuine, kind. A wonderful soul. A good person.But Levi James has long since faded into the back of his subconscious, present now only in intermittent flickers and unwarranted bursts of feeble sentiment.For the most part, he's Nox Finch. And he is a lot of things.The charm of Levi is still preserved in him - easy smiles and quick laughter as dead as it may sound, he seems terribly genuine when he winks at you, invades your personal space under the pretense of friendliness, boyish appeal oozing from the slight canine that protrudes between his lips.He's never known to appear sad. Or angry. Or bothered. Languid seems like a rather permanent adjective for the young man.Strange. But for the most part, Nox is always smiling. And who doesn't like a ray of sunshine?His eyes never match that grin though. There's something opaque about them. Like he's watching everything and nothing. Staring right through your skull. Any notice of this is dismissed with another quick laugh. Unabashed.Is it worrisome, that perhaps the most genuine expression he has is when he grazes danger? Whether it is close proximity with a mugger or open-handed sparring in grimy back streets, a certain flare appeared to his stature, whether he's on the losing side or not. As though brushes with pain give him life, fill that unusually hollow aspect of his being. Like he isn't complete unless he's half-dead.  history     I.the lunatic is on the grassthe lunatic is on the grassremembering games and daisy chains and laughsgot to keep the loonies on the pathhe's a man of the clouds, in the sense that his eyes see all through a haze, drunk on new knowledge and the thrill of discovery. he's a scientist. an explorer.he's jonathan finch. approaching thirty, sketchbook in his hands and felt hat so big it falls over his nose, he sciences and explores. and he meets her - this tall, pale woman - in the same way that he discovers new magical beasts - by accident. and he is smitten. unintentionally. his brother always said he could only ever love one of his creatures..and that's where you come in, but not just. no. you get a sister and brother too, a trio of pale, gurgling babies, sparking magic at your fingertips. jonathan does not know the first thing about babies, and selene doesn't know the first thing about maternal love. but that doesn't stop her from sweeping into your nursery one night, and leaving with two boys in her arms. her daughter and lover are out of mind the moment that blasted cottage is out of sight.you're just a baby. this is the life you'll remember now. one sibling. one parent. half sets.you're half of a set too, you and sterling. two boys against the world. and the world is lonely.with mother, you never stay in one place for long, and the places you stay in are never nice. abandoned construction projects, storerooms in retired restaurants, warehouses and moldy old homes. thin fabric is blankets and cardboard is pillows and meals are twice a day and stolen through kitchen windows.mother doesn't let you see the outside until she needs her baby boys. you don't have to do much - wait at street corners for someone to come and ask if you're lost, lead them towards home, straight into her reaching fingers.she doesn't let you watch. go take your brother and play, noxone day, sterling doesn't want to play. the next day, sterling is gone.and once again, you're a half. half vampire. half vampire. half a twin. but only this last change manages to rip you into two.II.the lunatic is in the hallthe lunatics are in my hallthe paper holds their folded faces to the floorand every day the paper boy brings moreyou are ten, holding your mother's hand as she gives you your new name in this new land. levitt james, she says, squeezing your fingers too tight as she crouches down (she was always too tall). don't forget. you take the title and hold it close to your chest, nestled against your sternum until it becomes a part of you. when you walk towards ilvermorny with a case of second-hand everything in tow, it is all you know. i'm levi james.when you turn to look for your mother, she's gone. and soon, so is your memory of her.but you're a good boy. you don't forget this new name. just the old one.III.and if the dam breaks open many years too soonand if there is no room upon the hilland if your head explodes with dark forebodings tooi'll see you on the dark side of the moonyou're levi james, and your memory of your ten years is hazy at best. but that's okay. because it's so much easier being a whole person. not half of anything or anyone.you're levi james, and you're different. happier. louder. you smile and laugh and talk to children, other children. they like you. you didn't think anyone other than him could like you.you're a pukwudgie and quidditch player and football fanatic and lover of the outdoors. you're a fun kid and then a cool guy. girls like you. they like you when you lean in for soft kisses on sour-cherry lips. boys like you too. you don't kiss boys.she likes you. with her summer laugh and summer skin, warm skin, skin that smells like caramel and salt. she likes you.you like her too.you're so glad you're not a half.IV.the lunatic is in my headthe lunatic is in my headyou raise the blade, you make the changeyou re-arrange me 'til i'm sanewhen the skies begin to darken and blue pamphlets begin to fall, you try to ignore it. you're levi james and you have too much life in you to worry about the prospect of death but something starts to stir inside you, something that's been dormant for years now, someone waiting to be a half again.you're levi james and you try to forget it.until you can't. it is foolish, this set of circumstances. a ridiculous coincidence. because how could you know that your other half this stranger would show up at your school, in levi's life, how could you know who he is when you don't know your own name?no. that isn't it. you know your name.it's just the wrong one.and he thinks so too. this stranger who looks like you is speaking, he is saying words that are like watching reality through a cloud-haze of non-discovery, like watching the faces of people in a moving train. like they were never there.but he's there. he's here. talking. saying things.he's saying your name.and somewhere deep inside you, behind that sternum against which your new name is buried, something else stirs. someone else cracks open an eye, slides his fingers between your ribs; pulls himself up, stretches like a cat, and crawls into your skull.when you come to, the stranger is gone. but there's someone else now. the other half is awake. and he's inside you.V.you lock the doorand throw away the keythere's someone in my head but it's not meyou start to forget things. it's small at first - one night of lost memory, waking up with scratches over your back (a cat, you say to yourself, it was someone's cat). then another night. then strange smelling substances you find in your pockets, bottles you hide but they always wind up back in your hands. boys you don't know smirk at you across the hall. girls you know accuse you of strange things.you're starting to forget things.but what you forget, i remember.you are levi james. and i am nox finch.the war has come, levi. and you can't handle it. your precious girlfriend is lying to you, dying on you, your best friend is going crazy, and all you're trying to do is forget. what a fucking fool.the war has come, your girlfriend's secrets are revealed, your friends fall away and the sky crashes down upon you.it's no wonder you give in to me.VI.and if the cloud bursts, thunder in your earyou shout and no one seems to hearand if the band you're in starts playing different tunesi'll see you on the dark side of the moonit is war, and i thrive on the sickly stench of fear. it's enthralling, the prospect of fallibility. hearing of death and destruction and decay, it makes me smile. these humans with their flimsy bones; they make me smile.i am better than them.levi lurks somewhere inside me now, weak like watered down beer. sour to the taste. of bad taste. and each time i do something he doesn't like, i see him shrivel up a little, curl up into a little ball and nestle against the back of my ribcage.i do a lot of terrible things.but sometimes, i am not so bad. for a while, i feel good.i am twenty one and we are amidst war. but my other half is here - dragged across the ocean by his sister and the yearning to meet her other sibling. they wind up at my dilapidated door in a tangle of too-thin clothes and gangly limbs and sweaty palms.levi would have shut out the memory, shut the door, shut them out.but i am nox finch. this is sterling, my twin.and she is ebony.i did not realize how much i needed her. i did not realize i had another half.they are mine. they are me, and it is strange - all the years of living in levi's subconscious and i had never felt a prickle of anything close to what this is like. to be home.they are here and i am home. but it is still war.i am not levi. i am no fool, not deluded, my world is not tinted in rose. but for a while - a few months in this grimy flat, one quiet brother and her too... i am complacent.and chaos laughs at complacency.i don't see it for myself. and maybe that's a good thing.i'm not levi. i'm not weak, i'm not pathetic. but there are some things i cannot handle. few things.one thing. i hear of the girl who did not make it, the boy who ran away. rumors (never confirmed) of a pretty dead body that floats down the hudson, a ribbon caught in a tree branch, the scrap of a skirt hanging from a shrub. a bright blue pamphlet hidden in the grass...there are some things i can't handle.but i am not levi. i do not hide.when the world tries to crush me, i will bare my teeth.                  relationships    summary    Sometimes he is two people. Most times, he is one.Meet Nox Finch, trigger happy half-vampire and currently unemployed youth with an affection for violence. He's a cheery fellow, always up for a quick chat or bet, and has a fondness for pretty things.Of course, some will notice that there's clearly something off about him - a temperament that doesn't suit the brutality of his world perhaps... Or it's the unwavering smile - surely, no one can be that happy, all the time? Or maybe it's something else. That other person inside him, struggling to be free again.Maybe.    platonic    Levi James did friends. He had a lot of them - anyone, for that matter, was his friend after a few minutes of conversation. And Nox is almost the same. But it's harder to tell with him. He regards most with the same amicability, the same easy smile, but most who have known him for the months after the war still don't know him at all.He likes to think Alice in Wonderland likes him, though. She had the nicest skin.    antagonistic    He loathes Levi and anyone loved by him with a cold fury, pulsing in his hollow chest, reaching fingers through his ribcage towards them with the sole intention of causing pain -Nox doesn't have very much time for enemies. They're so much effort, no?    romantic  Lovers? He's had plenty. Men and women alike, only one time each; they leave his chambers fairly disheveled, with bruises colouring visible skin, the indentations of unforgiving teeth far from having faded away.But love? Nox hasn't known it not since she left him. Maybe Levi did, once. Levi was a fool.          
Jan 31 2018, 03:41 AM
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shipper dragots 1100
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oddly familiarmina
she noticed you, but not for any great reason.

once she caught you staring while she was visiting, but that didn't bother her. she noticed your hesitation, the way you stopped and asked if she wanted something else, but she tied that into doing a good job at the cafe.

no, what she noticed was the vibe you gave. the one she couldn't put her finger on. the vibe that made her almost - ALMOST - think twice about leaving that cafe.

but she had other plans in mind; another mission to follow. you weren't important to her then, and she long has since forgotten your face. yet she sees your work and she craves to find you..

find you and end you for the danger you put others in.

but she deemed that barista in the cafe as harmless then, and she probably wouldn't think twice now.

for someone who trusts none but herself, she probably should have trusted her instincts more.

"No... I'm good, thanks."

Feb 23 2018, 06:05 PM
33 | Fringe | Anarchists
Bodyguard Hawai'i Spoken For Played by Shawna
shipper muse dragots 12650

Bane knows only what Selene tells him about Nox. But then there he is; when Bane steps outside, Nox is there talking to him. When Bane is waiting for Selene in the living room, there's Nox - perched on the top of the sofa. When Bane finishes up in the shower, there's Nox leaning up against the wall in the hallway.

At first, Bane mostly ignores him - a fly on the wall. But slowly their conversations build and they become acquaintances of sorts. And maybe Bane doesn't hate him - is he supposed to? He'll check with Selene tomorrow.

"oh, it's you again"

Feb 26 2018, 03:31 AM
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owner of The Reaper saint petersburg single Played by evvie
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She loves your unpredictability. It keeps her amused, happy, satiated. She doesn't feel the need to look elsewhere or get rid of you when you do strange things -- instead, she'll overlook it. She'll pretend she doesn't notice when someone who walked off stage was "accidentally" killed, or when some pretty girl goes missing

She enjoys it. Your just as dangerous as her. Definitely not more.

She doesn't consider you a friend - you have done nothing to prove loyalty, plus she knows your loyalty should lies elsewhere. But until you piss her off, she doesn't mind having you around.

And maybe one day the two of you can have a little more fun, watching the life drain from some asshole who doesn't deserve to live...

"tonight i feel like a death match. don't call the match until a heart stops beating."

Feb 28 2018, 09:43 PM
Writer & Stripper New York, NY Single Played by Karrie
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one night standMack

I'm not sure who taught you what you know, but god don't ever stop doing it.

We're a one-night stand off a random ass bar, but I've let my number, and I sometimes hope you'd call.

You gave me the best fuck of my life, and I swear I can still see stars.

Maybe we should make something more of it.

"Fuck. God. Don't stop. Don't fucking stop."

Mar 8 2018, 03:26 AM
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Black market trader New York Single Played by Eili
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Cheshire CatQUINNIE

An enigma.

A confusing, ever-changing mystery all wrapped up in a cheshire-cat smile. There is an intimacy between you that is not sexual but more — deeper. It can't be defined and you both like it that way.

She's too smart to trust you completely, but there is a trust there nonetheless and you're one of the few people she'll ever rely on.

Neither one of you has put a label on the relationship because... why would you need to?

"Hey there, sweets."

Mar 18 2018, 11:56 AM
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