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 NOW WE ARE HERE [0/3], powerful, pureblood family!
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the richmond's are a well-known family in the wizarding world. they come from old money that has been around for decades. they've been moving through the ranks over the last few years though, wanting nothing more than to increase their power and popularity.

victor richmond has been building his hit-man business (a business that does not operate through the hit-wizarding department) and it has taken off well. people want to ally with them for protection and to boost their own reputation.

the family is ruthless, crude, and structured more like a business than a family. victor looks at his wife as property, their marriage a loveless one that is only suitable for sexual relations.

more information about their relationship can be found in cady's application, but it is full of abuse.

as for the children, victor is only looking at them as the next suitable candidate for heir. though there are really only two in the running; kennington and charles. the girls are obsolete, instead taking to their studies and finding a suitable husband.

this is just the basis of the family, a general overview if you will. i'm pretty flexible with the details of the children below, including their names and face claims. as long as the face looks similar to the rest, i'll most likely say yes. if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to dm me on discord or drop a line below!

charles - - - richmond
charles is the eldest son of victor and juliana richmond. by order, he's supposed to take the throne of heir, but kennington is closing in on the ranks. this would normally make a person nervous, but he's not exactly worried. charles is malicious and uptight. people often steer clear of him due to the gritted teeth and locked jaw he constantly sports. he doesn't take shit lightly from anyone and has quite the temper - a temper that is similar to his father. the two of them are the most alike, but they do not get along. it can be chalked up to two alphas clashing against one another. he's not incredibly close with his siblings, but he does care for them. he just has a hard time showing that he cares about anyone or anything.
kennington - - - richmond
kennington - or kenny - is the second oldest and the only other in the running for heir. when he was younger, he was unsure that he wanted the position of leading the richmond family, too afraid that he'd crumble under the pressure, but he sees something in his brother that terrifies him to his core. he's too afraid of what would come of the family if charles took head, so he's bulked up within the last few months. he's trying his hardest to prove to his father that he's worthy of the position and it seems as if it might be working. he's tossed the idea of working in the banking system to work underneath his father, alongs side charles as well. kenny is a nervous body, one who is skeptical of everything and likes to way his options. he loves all of his siblings very deeply and would do anything possible to help them when in need.
rebecca - - - richmond
rebecca is a whirlwind. they used to call her the wild child when she was younger. she'd get into anything and everything, even when told with a strict no and a time out. she's never believed in anything that her family lives by so, she's acted out to show it. she's slept with those that her father wouldn't approve of and done things that would normally get her banished. she's on the verge of it, but her mother is the only person keeping her in the family. she's a party child, often crawling back in at late hours of the night so drunk that she passes out on the couch rather than her bed. her father is pushing her to get her head screwed on right, but she doesn't plan to anytime soon.
Mar 5 2018, 12:12 PM
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shipper dragots
I’m interested in Rebecca! Who do you have for the face?
Jun 12 2018, 09:52 PM
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