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social norms

how lives are lived

With the fall of MACUSA and the growing threat of the NSPS, the status quo that once governed the lives of the majority of the American Wizarding Community has been broken. Below are the new social norms--the new unspoken rules--that the people now live by in this time of dissension.

Britain has the Ministry of Magic, with a Minister at its head, while the Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA) is run by a President. Following the NSPS attack, MACUSA has collapsed - giving way to a growing sense of unrest and disillusionment with the current system.

Internal Conflict

The anarchy led to the birth of various extreme viewpoints such as that of the Grindelwaldians, a political party who wants to end the statute of secrecy and fight for wizard supremacy, and the Rappaporians, a political party whose goal is to re-establish Rappaport's Law and cease any interaction with the no-maj for good. The Loyalists are those who stand behind Ronan Graves, the former Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement and the current acting president of MACUSA, whose goal is to restore the American Wizarding Community to its former state.

Although Ronan Graves stands as the acting President of MACUSA, there are those who believe she is not fit for the task. There is tension between the political parties as they debate on how the limited resources available to them should be used.

Behind closed doors, there is talk of a mysterious group of militants who are assassinating various no-maj officials and civilians, who are believed to have been members of the NSPS, without the approval of the acting body. "Extrajudicial Killings. Death Squad." The whispered rumors grow louder by the day. Others believe it is the work of a rogue group of witches and wizards outside of MACUSA, others know otherwise.


Unlike their modern-day British counterparts who tend to find Muggles curious rather than dangerous, American Wizards are incredibly wary of No-Majs. This stems in part from their far more violent history of prejudice and persecution against the magical community, as illustrated through the horrific events that took place during the Salem Witch Trials; wherein a number of witches and No-Maj, innocent of any crime, tragically lost their lives.

At one point in time, the key focus of the American Wizarding world was the complete separation of the No-Maj and the magical - as shown through the introduction of Rappaport's Law in 1790. The key principles of the law were to create absolute segregation between the No-Maj and wizarding communities. It banned witches and wizards from marrying or even befriending No-Maj and allowed only interactions "necessary to perform daily activities," and meted out "harsh" penalties for fraternization with No-Majs". This law was repealed in 1965.

Avoidance vs. Immersion vs. Abhorrence

Aside from those who wish to live their lives the way they always have, wizards generally fall into three different categories in terms of how they interact with no-maj following the fall of MACUSA:

01. Avoidance

    It is widely rumored that the fall of MACUSA was caused by a no-maj organization. Although this is unconfirmed by the government with no official statement yet released, many of those in the magical community have decided to completely avoid the no-maj and anyone who associates with them altogether. Most of these witches and wizards support the Rappaportian Political Party and their bid to completely separate from the no-maj community.

02. Immersion

    There are witches and wizards who believe that the best place to hide is to live among the no-maj themselves. This is easier said than done. Half-bloods and no-maj born wizards who grew up alongside no-maj find it easier to adjust. These wizards would usually refrain from using magic to avoid being detected and would go so far as to have no-maj jobs.

03. Abhorrence

    Unlike most of the witches and wizards, there are some who don't live in fear but in anger. The attack on MACUSA and the eventual downfall of the magical community only sparked the hatred some wizards feel towards no-maj. There are extreme cases wherein wizards would often attack no-maj. Most of those that fall under this group are Grindelwaldians and support the movement to repeal the Statute of Secrecy and fight for Wizard Supremacy.
"Pure-blood families, who were well-informed through wizarding newspapers about the activities of both Puritans and Scourers, rarely left for America. This meant a far higher percentage of No-Maj-born witches and wizards in the New World than elsewhere. While these witches and wizards often went on to marry and found their own all-magical families, the pure-blood ideology that has dogged much of Europe’s magical history has gained far less traction in America."

Pureblood prejudices, which are at times prevalent in the European magical community, did not take root in the American Wizarding Community although there are still a small number of extremists who continue to discriminate based on one's blood purity. However, these people are often mocked and ostracised for their views.


Much like their British counterparts there are still prejudices against magical creatures (such as Werewolves, Vampires, Hags, Veelas, Goblins, etc.) that run throughout the American Wizarding Community as well as extend this prejudice to those with mixed heritage.

There is still a sense of shame felt by those who are labeled as magical creatures, particularly those infected with Lycanthropy which, although are officially classified as a disease, are usually lumped together with magical creatures due to their being classified as beasts when transformed. There is still a significant difference in the quality of life between the wizards and magical creatures which signals the existence of not only prejudice but also racism due to the fact that they are often considered lesser beings.

This is an ongoing problem despite the rise of several platforms and groups who have been attempting to create an atmosphere of pride and acceptance. Others would argue that this prejudice against magical creatures is not without good reason as many of them are said to have a bloodthirsty nature. Several instances in the past of Vampires, Goblins, and even Werewolves staging uprisings and rebellions against wizard-kind only helped strengthen this belief and aggravate the growing tensions.


01. Beings

    Any creature that has sufficient intelligence to understand the laws of the magical community and to bear part of the responsibility in shaping those laws.

02. Beasts

    Loosely defined, a Beast is a magical creature that does not have sufficient intelligence to understand the laws of the magical community nor bear part of the responsibility in shaping those laws. Werewolves are classified as beasts in their transformed state. Acromantulas, Manticores and the Sphinx are capable of intelligent speech but are classified as Beasts due to their vicious and bloodthirsty nature. Merpeople and Centaurs declined the offer to be classified as Beings and are thus classified as Beasts by default. Beasts are often more discriminated than that of Beings.

03. Spirit

    A special classification reserved for the who 'glide instead of walk' and are usually the classification in which ghosts, banshees, and non-beings fall under.

Anarchists Vs. Catacomb Society

The Catacomb Society seeks to promote the interest of the often ignored magical creatures through peaceful negotiations while the Anarchists are committed to ensuring the downfall of the wizarding community that shunned them. These conflicting ideals have grown enough to merit the attention of the public eye. No one yet knows that the Anarchists aided the NSPS is the fall of MACUSA. But for how long?


The fortress atop Mount Greylock is still one of the most well-protected safe havens for witches and wizards in North America. Despite this, many parents have decided to pull out their children from school in fear of the NSPS and their success in bringing down the Magical Congress of the United States of America.

Only a few students remain and those who do are under the protection of Ilvermonry's Headmaster and the capable hands of the professors. Although regular classes are still being conducted, the school holds supplementary classes on offensive and defensive magic.

In spite of the increased number of attacks, and reported missing persons within the magical community - and the eventual fall of MACUSA itself; many of those within the American Wizarding world remain almost entirely in the dark about the root cause of the incidents. As MACUSA has yet to make an official statement.

Though many suggest it is likely the return of the no-maj anti magic organisation, the New Salem Philanthropist Society, the wizarding world at large remains entirely unaware of the motives of the organisation, how it is currently being run and the extent of its power.

Though there have been small rumours about a no-maj organisation performing experiments on Wizards, many have dismissed this as merely being the conspiracy theories of raving lunatics, or merely attention seeking young people.

Feb 13 2018, 12:19 PM
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