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 feeling like a criminal, Natyer 💕
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The air of the burlesque club was thick, redolent with the smell of something overpoweringly sweet, like cardamom and fermented grapes; it caused Sawyer Thomas to scrunch up her nose and she slipped between its patrons. The color palette here was a bold one - deep burgundies and rich plums, while black lace upholstery and soft lighting only added to the lascivious mood.

They were playing Fiona Apple, and she found herself humming along.

Perhaps if it had been any other day Sawyer might be been intrigued enough to settle herself down and watch the women perform their lewd art, a mere handkerchief's worth of fabric standing between them and complete nudity. It was edgy. Fascinating. Almost inhuman, with the way one dancer's limbs seemed to bend far beyond the normal limits of bone and ligament.

A faint haze of cigarette smoke wafted over low lying velvet couches, only adding to its other-worldly appeal. The shroud was convenient for Sawyer as well - too plain to attract untoward gazes, and yet groomed enough to not receive...other untoward gazes. She'd been careful to comb her hair over her one mangled ear now, had nicked one of Mack's blouses and some lipstick in an attempt to fix her face to the best of her abilities.

Granted, it wasn't perfect, but she did look somewhat presentable...

Well, best not to think of that now.

She made a beeline for the bar, careful not to trip in these damned boots (also nicked from Mack). For all she knew, they were watching her, and it wasn't just any old street rat who could request to purchase the same goods that she had requested. No, Sawyer needed to present herself with a little more dignity than what she was used to.

She settled herself on the barstool and cast the man there her least predatory smile.

"Could I have a beer -" They could be watching.

"Actually, make that a Jägerbomb, please." The lipstick felt weird on her mouth when she smiled.

"Would you make that two?"

Sawyer turned abruptly (clapping a hand over her ear last minute, lest someone see the horrendous disfigurement) as a man settled into the seat right next to her. When the whole bloody row was empty.

Her skin prickled.

He wasn't an obviously shady looking sort of person - quite bland actually. All muted colors and a slightly nice smile.

She supposed people being approached in bars was normal, but...well. Sawyer wasn't used to it herself.

"I like your hair." The man smiled at her. He didn't seem much older than herself.

Her hand, still settled over the mangled ear, threaded self conscious fingers through the red strands.

"Uh, thanks. I guess."


Mar 25 2018, 09:13 AM
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Perhaps some might suggest this wasn't Nathan scene exactly, but he looked calm, his eyes focusing upon the women in front, dancing upon the stage, body shifting like a snake in it's own skin. He sat neatly within one of the velvet cushioned booths by himself.

A girl, who introduced herself as Cherry, tried to join him, not that he'd accepted.

He wasn't here for them. Not that you can could tell.

For an ex-convict, he fit in. Smart suit, tattoo's poking out of the sleeves. But perhaps it wasn't that strange. This place was crawling with those who ripped and stripped. Those who didn't care for the war or perhaps cared too much.

But he was here for only one person. Gordon Melkor.

And so he waited, the caramel coloured liquid in his crystal glass swirling. He'd only had one. he knew better then to get drunk -again. The smooth sharp taste sat within his throat as his eyes shifted away from the girl and upon the crowd filling up the dark room. A wave of suits and short dresses, of wet kisses and roaming hands.

Fingers twitched.

As his eyes flittered through those who didn't matter, and those who might, his eyes landed upon a red-head who he knew shouldn't be here. This wasn't his scene, and it was even less hers. A small shake of the head. It didn't matter right now, he would ignore her for the time being--

The man next to her, his eyes bright and hungry. Nathan had hardly noticed he had stood up, leaving the glass upon the sticky table. The man's hand shifting as words left his lips. Nathan's footsteps crossing the carpeted floor silently. The man's hand drifting behind Sawyer, her eyes fixated upon him, moving towards her ass--

Nathan's hand gripped the man's wrist, shoving him away and back from Sawyer. His feet stumbled over themselves, a low umphf leaving his lips in the process. Nathan could feel it inside of him, an anger he didn't often experience.

"What the fuck, man?" The man responded loudly, a few turned heads facing their way. He seemed pissed, in all senses of the word, but not necessarily physically angry.

Nathan didn't turn to look to Sawyer. Fuck, he shouldn't have come over, but she should fucking take notice of things.


Mar 29 2018, 08:46 AM
21 | Fringe | Finite Incantatem
Head of Recruitment and Training Madison, FL confused Played by Vicky
shipper journal dragots 29100
He was talking still. His voice had a mildly pleasant lilt to it, but her gaze darted instead to the glasses placed in front of her. Drinks mixed and ready to go. She took a hasty sip and made a face.

Fuck. The only strong stuff she seemed to have the taste for these days was bourbon.

Dark blue eyes flickered back to the man and his idle chattering, still distracted. A middleman would approach her any minute now, and she was going to miss it -

Sawyer didn't notice his hand until they were mere inches from her jeans. She felt her temper flare, the heat of her skin reaching a blistering temperature -

And suddenly she was doused by the heady scent of smoke and pressed flowers and the sound of the man crashing into the barstool behind him.

She didn't even need to look to know it was him, but did anyway.

It had been a month since their last...encounter. A whole fucking month, and she -

She'd tried to pretend it hadn't happened. Instead, she looked to the shape of Nathan's mouth the man who had approached her.

Sawyer scowled. It would be so easy to just deal with the fucker right now, but she had a mission to get back to and -

"Didn't think this was your sort of place." Fuck. She was supposed to excuse herself from the conversation, not pose questions as to why Nathaniel Ashton spent his free time in burlesque clubs though the thought made strange knots form in her stomach.

He was unraveling her. Sawyer's brow furrowed, irritation lining the corners of her eyes. Anger was a comforting emotion for her - she often resorted to it when she didn't know what else to do.

"There's no need for you to rescue me." Her voice came out flat, quiet. She turned to move to the next bar stool - distancing herself from the commotion.


Mar 29 2018, 09:12 AM
23 | Fringe | Independent Resistance
Assassin Seattle Single Played by Emily
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After a few curse words from the man, he quickly scurried off. Perhaps it had something to do with the darkness in Nathan's eyes, the force he had shoved him off of Sawyer. Perhaps he simply couldn't fight, and so he quickly disappeared into the crowd of people.

A few eyes continued watch, but most shifted back to what they were doing, who they wanted to do.

At her words, he turned and finally looked properly at Sawyer, tugging at the edge of his suit jacket to smooth it back out again. She looked....different than usual. There was no pulled back into a low ponytail, no loose clothes that covered the dotted freckles upon her waist, no make-up free face that he knew each freckle and their movements....

no, this was a different kind of Sawyer. One he hadn't seen before.

He wanted to make a comment, to remind her that she didn't know him, just the taste of his lips, but he found himself avoiding the route he'd been down multiple times.

"Could say the same for you."

Had Nathan been directly avoiding her? It was hard to tell. Subconsciously he knew he couldn't allow himself to see her. Not in a time like this. Not when there were much more important matters to take into considering.

Not when he had let his guard down and forgotten everything about Kiara in those moments that his lips moved against hers, fire burning in the limited space between them....

"Didn't fucking look like it." His own voice was low, flat, no emotions and no indication of anger.

But the anger was there...not that he registered. He wasn't angry because he had had to come over, but at the idea of another mans hands upon her. In places where his own had drifted...

As she shifted bar stool, there was something about her, an expectation. She wan't just here socialise

"What are you doing in a place like this?" She was out of place, more so than himself. A small glance to the side, knowing he would be here soon.


Mar 29 2018, 12:13 PM
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He was looking at her. Eyes dragging slowly down her form, to the lipstick, to the short hair that ended just at the base of her neck, to the thin cropped blouse, to the unripped jeans and the boots and -

Sawyer was self conscious. She knew the last time they'd run into each other she had her usual fifteen clips keeping the loose strands out of her eyes, and probably one of her old plaid shirts on. This get up wasn't her, but it was necessary.

He was in a suit. She wanted to reach out and -

Sawyer cleared her throat and patted the hair covering her ear. Something told her that showing the new scar would not convince anyone of her self sufficiency. "If I say I can rescue myself, it means I can fucking rescue myself." Irritation tinged her voice - a familiar emotion when it came to Nathan but she hadn't been irritated at all that night in her apartment -

Drunk. They'd been drunk and stupid.

Two minutes into seeing him again and he already sounded angry with her. The irritation from her words carved lines into her face like a bleached canyon wall. What, did he just assume that she'd let the guy feel her up for the remainder of their conversation if he hadn't been there?

This sort of undermining wasn't a great start to how she wanted her night to go.

"I'm meeting someone," she said, raising her chin at him. "So you can just...go back to whatever you were doing." Perhaps it was her who sounded a little too annoyed now, and for all the wrong reasons.


Mar 29 2018, 05:45 PM
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A month from not seeing her, and nothing really had changed.

Her voice was sharp, as usual. Her response was snappy and defensive -as usual. It was something he used to, and yet it seemed harsher than before. Like she was commenting on more than just this moment.

He wasn't an idiot. He knew why, deep down.

Dusk was dawning, and there was no way to stop it.

He couldn't bare for there to be any room between them. He felt like he couldn't breath, and that he was free, all at the same time.

Perhaps Nathan shouldn't have stepped in. She clearly would have done something, pushed him off.... but in Nathan's mind those few seconds before, his body hadn't given him much of a choice. Nathan worked off of instincts, and with Sawyer, they pushed his limits to fight against it.

'I'm meeting someone'

If Nathan could look awkward, he would have done in that moment. A small pause, a small frown upon his face. But he'd tell himself that it didn't matter who it was. Which guy she had gotten considerably dolled up for. He hadn't seen her for a month. He had walked out on her each time.

And so he simply nodded, more than happy to leave her to her date. She always had been a distraction. Nothing more than a mistake.

As he moved to leave, he heard a voice--

"I see you two already have met, hmm?" A women's voice, about the age of 30, blonde hair in loose curls and tight red dress. She knew who they were, of course she did.


Of course Nathan had expected it, the person he was here to meet having sent an escort to a separate location, but with Sawyer? Something snapped, away from business. 'you two have already met' She knew Sawyer too?

"Excuse me?" Nathan replied to the woman, as if he had hardly knew what she was talking about, eyes fixated upon her and nothing else.


Mar 29 2018, 07:26 PM
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Sawyer wondered what he thought of her, this situation, and why she was here. She'd been around him long enough to note the tightness in his jaws now, though its meaning (as well as most of his body ticks) was lost on her. Of course, she could assume it was jealousy, but that would be ridiculous. Nathan had no reason to be.

Which lead right back down to annoyance. Probably that, yes. Another familiar sentiment.

She dragged her Jägerbomb over the sticky surface back towards her, turning towards the bar. Nathan would leave now, and she'd go back to her mission -

"I see you two already have met, hmm?"


She knew they'd send a messenger over, and she'd give her the way to her father, but this meant -

Wait. Nathan was here for the Melkor's too?

She turned, eyes flickering over to him in bored disinterest. He was here for the Melkor's. It must have something to do with Kiara.

She couldn't let him know.

"Hmm?" She propped an elbow on the table, gaze shifting between this tattooed stranger and the woman easily. Espionage was not her forte. Nevertheless, she raised an eyebrow, and the message was clear. I'm sorry, what?


Mar 29 2018, 08:51 PM
23 | Fringe | Independent Resistance
Assassin Seattle Single Played by Emily
shipper dragots 20000
It made sense for Nathan to be here. His mission was clear, his purpose evident. But Sawyer? Waiting for Melkor? Nathan couldn't think of one possible reason as to why she might be here for the same reason he was, and it gnawed away at his mind.

At Sawyer's response, he wanted to roll his eyes slightly, but instead he took charge, stepping forward to stand in front of the women before them both.

"This girl looked like she needed assistance. Nothing more. If i knew she was connected to this i simply wouldn't have bothered." His voice was flat, and somewhat harsh.

The women, Adrianne, let her eyes flicker between the two. But she wasn't here to make assumptions or such, and so she just nodded, her eyes drifting to Sawyer before back to Nathan.

"Shall we, then?"

Nathan didn't look back at Sawyer as they began to make their way through the crowd, and his eyes didn't glance over to the women they passed, breasts hardly covered by much more than a slip of sparkled fabric.

As the moved further throughout the establishment, the people became less compacted, the air became heavier with smoke and perfume. Adrianne soon led them through a beaded curtain and into a private room.

Of course this would be away from prying eyes.


Mar 30 2018, 08:32 AM
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She looked suspicious, but Sawyer played the part of a bored young adult looking for a little thrill - the sort that wouldn't be impressed with claims of what she wanted until she had seen it. The woman that came to herald them was quite the looker - perhaps not as scantily dressed as the dancers, but that wasn't saying very much. Car keys must get lost in that cleavage.

Sawyer thought she noted Nathan's straying eyes (and if it was so, could he really be blamed?), and something in her stomach twisted. Something stupid, no doubt.

It was just the nerves of meeting him again.

She allowed herself to agree with his story by the slightest lift of her shoulder, deciding to settle on a less chatty persona. She wasn't exactly known for a silver tongue or abundance of tact.

Caution was necessary.

She followed quietly, careful in the heeled boots, careful with her gait. It was harder than she'd imagined - walking elegantly in these things. Sawyer settled for a slightly exaggerated sway of her hip; the momentum was the only thing keeping her steady, even if it did attract a few unwonted stares.

The inner sanctum had her skin prickle all the more. There were fewer men here, prettier girls, more expensive drinks. She kept her eyes staunchly on the back of Adrianne's head. No need to look at the tattooed stranger though if Sawyer really didn't know who he was she would've checked him out a few times by now.

The room they were lead to was a fairly spacious one, with couches lined up on one side and dancers sensually moving on a smaller stage. Men were sprawled over the seating in various states of malaise - she thought she spotted a red head through the smoky haze, but it was hard to tell.

Is it...?

Adrianne cleared her throat. One of them - a brunette woman, clad in a lovely velvet cocktail dress that hugged her voluptuous form - looked up and smiled.

"My darling," she said, "isn't it a rare thing for clients to know each other beforehand?"

"They claim to be strangers," said Adrianne, casting Nathan a smirk. Sawyer's hands curled into loose fists.

"Strangers," she repeated. Sawyer found herself watching the movements of the woman's pretty red mouth. She brought a cigarette up to her lips and blew a perfect right of silvery wisps. The carcinogenic veil painted her face in a predatory hue. "Well, do you two mind being dealt with together? Coco here -" She gestured to the stage. "- is doing a special number for us and I'd hate to miss it."

"We could let them watch," said Adrianne. The woman clapped her hands together and laughed. Sawyer looked to the other men at the couch, but they seemed perfectly content with letting her take charge.

"Oh, excellent idea. There's space next to me for the pretty one." She was looking directly at Nathan.


Mar 30 2018, 09:02 AM
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Nathan could hear her behind him, the way her boots hit the floor, and for a short moment as they walked, he wished he could turn around and look. But he didn't. Naturally.

As Nathan stepped inside the room, his eyes gave one short glance around the place, noting anything he might need. The spacious room, the stage with the dances doing their best to simply earn a living, the velvet sofas and the men that accompanied them.

His attention returned at the sound of a voice, a women's voice. A small frown. He wasn't here to see her either.

'They claim to be strangers' He could hear the doubt within Adrianne's voice dripping heavily, but yet, she had no way to prove otherwise. His story had been some-what true, at least. But he didn't let anything show upon his face, a small nod to the woman in the velvet dress.

The thing was, Nathan was used to this kind of stuff. To an extent. His 'line of work' mostly consisted of hunting those who deserved nothing more than a bullet between their eyes, but this wasn't about that. It was about something more than just the finality of life.

At the women's words, he would hardly object, and so he gave her a low grin, a charming smile, shifting his way through to sit beside her, never looking to anyone but her.

Never to Sawyer. She didn't matter in this moment. A stranger, as he had always protested.

The women lifted her hand, and Nathan took it, his lips pressing against it like he knew she expected.

"I admit, i didn't expect to be greeted by someone like yourself..." his voice was low, leaning in closer to her than anything.

An almost predator grin grew upon her red-stained lips, her hands touching Nathan's chest- "You sure you're friend doesn't mind?"

A small shake of Nathan's head, a small rare smile, "I couldn't care less who she is and what she thinks."

Music began and the girls who had previously been dancing some-what separately began to dance together, their bodies entwining, their eyes fixed upon their audience.

He didn't look to see where Sawyer sat, or if she were watching the show or not. Strangers didn't share glances, and you died with the lie.

Soon enough, Adrianne directed Sawyer to a seat, one only 2 persons down from Nathan.


Mar 30 2018, 09:24 AM
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Head of Recruitment and Training Madison, FL confused Played by Vicky
shipper journal dragots 29100
She counted six people in all - including Adrianne, who now took a seat next to the cougar who was hitting on Nathan (not that it annoyed her or anything). The rest were men - two of whom were middle aged, while the others seemed to be in their twenties. One, boyish charm sparking over a sly grin, slid over on the velvet couch and offered her a seat.

Sawyer took it, mirroring his smirk with one of her own.

She immediately looked at his nose.

It was a foolish thing her father had told her. In the silences that drifted between them as he'd rescued her from the clinic, he'd spoken at length about seemingly insignificant things, and Sawyer had barely been conscious for most of it. But he had mentioned this.

"You've got the hair, y'know? Not many of 'em do anymore, it's more brunettes than anything...but everyone has the Melkor nose. Pinched like. Small nostrils. Always a few freckles. It's...nice to see."

In hindsight, he'd almost sounded nervous. Strange, considering the bastard had abandoned her when she was a baby.

The background lulled with the sounds of Nathan's low flirtations, the lascivious music and the ragged breathing of smokers. The boy's nose was not like her own, so she let him put his hand on her denim-covered knee.

"Drink?" he asked, already calling over Adrianne (she seemed slightly annoyed at this, but heeded the beckoning anyway, and it told Sawyer something about the hierarchy of power here).

She leaned back into the couch and laid a light hand over his, fighting her inherent urge to cross her arms over her chest. She couldn't appear defensive or closed off now though she itched to burn his fingers away.

"Name first, then I'll take whatever you're having," she drawled, tilting her head. He laughed - it was a fairly nice sound.

"I'm called Carter, and you're having an Old Fashioned." His hand crept up her leg slightly, her own fingers the only thing that slowed their ascent.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the velvet clad woman lean in closer to Nathan, and murmur something sweet sounding. The older men watched the dancers hungrily, while the remaining one (who seemed only in his late teens) draped an arm over the couch behind Sawyer's shoulder.

She felt like a caged animal.

The soft purr of the velvet woman wafted over the sounds of the music; I don't believe I caught your name, pretty boy...

The drink was set down in front of Sawyer - she found herself mechanically reaching for it, mechanically taking a sip. The taste of bourbon gave her mental whiplash.

"And what do I call you?" asked Carter, leaning in slightly.

Sawyer looked to the others. None of them had the nose that she and her father shared, except -

Except her, with her red nails dragging over Nathan's arm.

"Jackie," Sawyer said, looking to him more fully this time. He had pretty eyes. She tried to identify their exact colour - feigning utmost attention. "Call me Jackie."

"Nice name." She jumped slightly as the second boy's arm found a smooth path to the contour of her shoulders. He cast her a lazy grin, and she could only reciprocate the smile.

Burning them would ruin everything, hut she still felt the fire itch under her skin.


Mar 30 2018, 10:17 AM
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The thing was, perhaps Sawyer didn't realise the extent Nathan would go. Perhaps she didnt understand how far he would push things, to get Kiara back. Whilst he couldn't see her, for just a second, he could feel her eyes upon him, and it made him itch.

He didn't watch the route Sawyer took, he didn't follow her movements over to the place beside a youngish boy with a charming smile and sly hands.

She was a distraction. She always had been. And with someone like Melkor, he couldn't afford such things.

"I don't believe I caught your name, pretty boy" The women's voice was like the seats they sat upon, velvet, siding between the limited space between them. She hadn't caught it because he hadn't given it.

"Nate." he replied simply, his fingers sliding up her arms, up her neck. with Sawyer, his hands had been both gentle, and incapable to get enough. with Sawyer there had been a shift within his mind and within his body. But this- there was nothing but a numbness inside of him.

"Ah, well then Nate, i'm sure you've got some time to spare before Melkor gets here..." She knew Melkor. She knew his schedule. Nathan's mind raced.

A small grin upon Nathan's face, fake- but you wouldn't know that unless you knew him. His eyes shifted for a second across to the dances in front of them all, in the process shifting past Sawyer and to the guys around her.

He could feel it inside of him, just like he had 5 minutes ago at the bar. This brewing anger that he couldn't claw out. A hidden clenched fist under the table, his neck becoming warm, his body raring to go. But he wouldn't. Fuck, he shouldn't even fucking care, regardless. And so he wouldn't. She said she could take her of herself. Then prove it.

HIs mind shifted back to reality as he felt a hand upon his chest rise, slipping slighty in the gaps between the buttons of his shirt, tracing the tattoos he knew lay underneath.

Again- people under-estimated the lengths he would go. And he knew Melkor would be here soon enough.

His hand slid up the lengths of her thigh, stopping just at the hem of her short dress, his eyes not leaving hers before he shifted in slightly, touching lips to her neck..

"I mean, it's a bit boyish, isn't it?" The first boy spoke to Sawyer, a few people away from Nathan, grinning over to his mate as his hand shifted, over hers and back upon her thigh, higher than before, higher than she had allowed.

"I guess, for such a pretty thing....you deserve something...." The second boys's hand drifted further over her collar bone, dipping slightly lower "more appealing."

This time Nathan wasn't jumping in. In this instance, she didn't come first. In this instance, she was a stranger to him.

The dancers continued their routine, the music slowing down as men drooled and the crouch of their trousers became tighter.


Mar 31 2018, 01:43 PM
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Head of Recruitment and Training Madison, FL confused Played by Vicky
shipper journal dragots 29100
Carter was the one with his hand on her thigh. William was the boy with a sly grip on her shoulders.

Sawyer knew that she should be this complete other person, this girl who had no fucks to give, the cool kid who made deals with underground criminal circles just because she was looking for a high. And girls like that probably slept around, girls like that didn't make such a big deal of a little touching, some skin show, flirty words or coy brushes.

If she were Mack, this would be easier.

But she wasn't. For someone so fucked up, so displaced and messy, the concept of intimacy was strangely important to her. The autonomy over her own body - her right to give it to whomsoever she chose. The idealistic child in her still assumed it should mean something.

She didn't look at Nathan, with his hand on that woman's leg, his lips bordering her neck. Sawyer wondered how they were related - was she a distant cousin? An aunt? The thought made termites gnaw at her ribs.

Sawyer pretended she wasn't herself.

She gave a low laugh, hand curling a little tighter around Carter's hand as she abruptly lifted it to her mouth. Lips wrapped around his index finger, pulling slowly from knuckle to tip.

She fought to keep her gaze steady.

"Boys," she said slowly, making eye contact only with this one, "if I wanted a public show, I'd be up on that stage."

Carter's grin widened, pretty irises shifting between his hand and her mouth. Her stomach churned.

She felt William's light touch brush over her blouse buttons, toying with the first one -

"Will," said Carter, still only looking at her. "Fuck off. You can have the next one."

The button was halfway to being undone. The pause that followed was heavy with a glare she could not see - Sawyer wondered if William could feel her heavy pulse in the infinitesimal gap that separated his wrist from her carotid artery...

He pulled away. She smirked, playing the part - reached out and took a sip of her drink. Another hesitant beat passed before she decided to take the first step for once - lifting herself off the couch and sliding onto Carter's lap. His hand found the underside of her thigh this time - and once again, she suppressed any natural urges. But the touch had felt so different with Nathan.

"So." Her hand raised and toyed idly with his hair an inconvenience of this position was that she could see the "stranger" even better than before. "You in the family business or something?"

"Not family," he said, leaning back and smiling at her. Perhaps this move to invade his personal space had done well on her part - his hand was stationary (for now). "But I'm in the business. What are you here for?"

She gave a little laugh. It sounded very unlike herself. "Ah. I get bored, I suppose."

His hand moved up to the small of her back - a safer place, she supposed, except when he pulled her torso closer to his. "Perhaps I could help with that." The eye contact he made was unnerving. Her hand found the rigid contour of his chest - only so she could balance the little space left between them, but the love made his amusement grow.

The velvet woman was tilting her head back, exposing the skin of her throat to Nathan's nearing lips. The buttons of his shirt clacked against her nails. "We could always find a private room, you know... He likes to take his time."

Her eyes slid to the periphery, watching the suspicious little redhead on Carter's lap. "Unless...you want to stay here with your friend?"


Mar 31 2018, 02:15 PM
23 | Fringe | Independent Resistance
Assassin Seattle Single Played by Emily
shipper dragots 20000
Nathan could hardly hear the conversation between Sawyer and Carter. Sawyer Carter and William. Minimised back down to two again. Nathan couldn't hear because he was choosing to block it out.

His lips pressed against the warm skin of the velvet women- Freya. He could feel her hands upon him, his own on her waist. Her hands shifted, finger nails unhooking one of his shirt buttons, her hand sliding in and over his chest. Her hands were cold, and made him shudder.

"We could always find a private room, you know... He likes to take his time." She spoke simply, plainly and yet, there was an air about her of something more than just simply a women wishing to have fun. She had power, and she relished within it. She thrived upon this little game, and Nathan was all too happy to oblige.

In all this time, Nathan hadn't glanced over to Sawyer. He had hardly noticed the pit in his stomach as he could now see her, essentially facing her as she sat upon Carter's lap. Nathan was here for a reason, he was doing this for a good reason, Sawyer? He truly didn't know her, and fuck, it made him jittery.

"Unless...you want to stay here with your friend?" Nathan instinctively gave a small glance over to Sawyer, over to where Freya was looking. He could hear the suspicion in her voice.

"No." Nathan said, kicking himself for responding almost too quickly. Without Sawyer here, he could have created some excuse as to why he would stay here. And yet now, if he stayed, it proved something. Something he couldn't allow.

Sawyer's voice ran through his mind: 'There's no need for you to rescue me.' The blood that had trickled through his fingers had stated otherwise.

"Or, we could just stay here? If you don't mind. None of them would." The others in this room, Freya spoke about them like they were dirt upon her red heeled shoe. Freya shifted, her legs sliding either side of Nathan, her dress rising up to her thighs. This was her domain, this was her world, that much was clear. She shifted in, moving to press herself against him--

"No..." he said again, his voice much softer than before "a private room sounds great."

He shifted, grabbing Freya's waist to lift her off of him, his hand lacing with hers, ready to move out of this place. He was here for Melkor, yes, but he of course knew it was more than that. There was a whole group to 'please'. A small glance over to Sawyer, but nothing more than a second.

What, did she truly think he hadn't done this before? Did she think that she was the only person he'd ever kissed, ever touched? He shoved the angry thoughts out of his mind, ignoring the way Carter's hand slid down the inside of Sawyer's thigh, into a warmth Nathan craved himself.

"Jackie?" Carter spoke, a few seconds after he had suggested helping her with her boredom, simply greeted by silence. "If you'd rather go with them..." He said, sharper than before, his fingers upon her digging in slightly upon her skin, her waist, her thigh.

Carter needed to feel that power. Clearly. He didn't have it, but he wanted it.


Apr 1 2018, 05:38 AM
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She'd told herself not to look. It was stupid to assume -

She thought too ideally about most things. Sawyer couldn't let this bother her. What Nathan was doing...it was for his sister. Or at least, that was what she told herself - assuming this was a norm only pushed her further out of her head, a disembodiment stranger, watching his mouth sing against that woman's throat and -

The velvet woman straddled him with surprising agility, and Sawyer blocked them out immediately. She had her own reasons for being here - she couldn't be distracted.

"Jackie? If you'd rather go with them..." She felt Carter's fingers dig into her inner thigh, only the stiff denim of relatively new jeans dampening what must have been an otherwise terrifying effect.

It was ridiculous, really. Sawyer knew if she met a boy such as him in a different setting - the fighting rings - she'd have no reason to be afraid. She'd managed to last against King for an impressive enough amount of time - decking this one would take her a few minutes at the most.

And yet, this was a different realm of physicality. An intimate one, and Sawyer could not claim knowledge of its intricacies.

"Of course not," she breathed, a light smile flitting back onto her face. "But it just occurs to me, there's so much more to be done if we had...a little privacy..." She leaned in closer, despite every bone in her body writhing to push herself away, every muscle twitching with angry anticipation.

"Freya!" The voice, not too loud yet easy enough to command the attention of the room, had her jolting in her place. With mild interest, she noted Carter's hand slide away. The two drooling men straightened up. William, on the other hand, seemed as uninterested as ever.

The man who strode in from God knew where was a tall one, dressed classily enough, pressed shirt and shined shoes and all. His hands straightened the cuffs as he walked. Sawyer noted dark red hair, too close cropped to properly appreciate the color, light stubble grazing a hard face.

His eyes glinted dangerously as he surveyed the room. He found the velvet woman - Freya.

"Dear cousin," he said, leaning towards her slightly (Sawyer hurled a little inwardly at the confirmation of their shared blood). The man seemed completely unbothered by Nathan, the red lipstick in his neck, the unbuttoned shirt - a map drawn in crimson, indicating the couple's destination. "So soon, and you're already leaving the party? A bit, well...rude, isn't it?"

Sawyer watched, rapt. He had the Melkor nose, the little spray of freckles, but...but he definitely wasn't her father.

Freya flushed slightly - the first show of anything less than complete confidence since they'd gotten here. "Gordon, I was only entertaining the guests."

His smile was stiff. "Unfortunately, my dear, we save the pleasure for after business." The look on his eyes seemed to remind her of a previous incident - Sawyer noticed her body stiffen slightly to Nathan's touch. She felt a little better.

Finally, this man - Gordon - surveyed the rest of the scene. Nathan, Sawyer, the two perverts, the boys...

He stretched his hands, and offered a wide, charismatic smile.

"So sorry for the delay, but this sort of work is really a bitch. You should try running the black market and hosting a dinner party the same night. I do not recommend it."

He gave a light laugh, though only few joined in, albeit hesitantly.

His smile disappeared like steam. "But that's not the point. I'm Gordon Melkor, and I believe you two want something from me." She felt his eyes - dark brown, heavy hooded - find her face and stay there. It made her skin crawl.


Apr 1 2018, 06:13 AM
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