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 Creature Claims
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creature claims


Group codes are:
NSPS: ns
NO-MAJ: nom

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A werewolf is a human being who, upon the complete rising of the fullmoon, becomes a fearsome and deadly near-wolf. A werewolf cannot choose whether or not to transform and will no longer remember who they are and would kill even their best friend given the opportunity once transformed. Despite this, they are able to recall everything they have experienced throughout their transformation upon reverting to their human form.

Half/Part Giant

Half-giants are beings with some, but not a total, amount of giant heritage or blood, as well as parthuman blood. All known Half-giants had magical blood, and were capable of producing magic, traits they received from their witch or wizard ancestors. Half-giants are apparently rare. Many have been discriminated against within the wizarding community, as with werewolves,and other half-humans, but also within the giant community.

Half/Part Veela

A Half-Veela is the child of a wizard and a Veela. Half-Veela are considerably more beautiful than average humans, as well as seem to possess the Veela power of entrancing men.

Vampire/Part Vampire

A vampire is a magical humanoid that is famed for biting people on the neck and sucking their blood. They are part of the family of beings known as the Living Dead. Vampires cannot be wizards, but part-vampires can.

Vampires are known for their superhuman metabolism, and the incredibly high rate at which their bodies replenish cells, which is fuelled by their blood-drinking. As a result, they are able to heal from all non-magical wounds that aren't immediately fatal, and also preserve their youthful appearances. Other traits of vampires include heightened endurance, speed and strength - especially after a feed and during the night. However, vampires have their weaknesses - their healing capabilities are almost completely nullified in the presence of strong sunlight, or during prolonged starvation. They are also susceptible to magical injury, from which their bodies cannot heal.

No-Maj myths regarding vampires - such as their aversion to garlic, inability to see themselves in a mirror or cast shadows, etc. are pure works of fiction.

A half-vampire is the child of a wizard/human and a vampire. They will supposedly generally resemble a human but with subtle vampire traits. E.g. mildly exaggerated fangs and pale skin. A No-Maj half vampire is said to be stronger than he who is descendent from a wizard.

Sep 26 2017, 05:41 PM
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