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 Absence Tracker, Post here to notify us of site adsences
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Absence Tracker

We all understand that at times everyone needs to take time away from the site due to personal circumstances or simply because life will get in the way and you find yourself a little busier than usual.

Please post here to let us know how long you’ll be going for/if your current site activity won’t be as wonderful as it usually is.


  • If you need to be gone longer than a month you must let the admin team know in advance and we’ll try our best to accommodate you.
  • you must post a “return date” for when we can expect to see you again. If you don’t have an exact date, then simply post a rough estimate and you can come back and edit it later //files.jcink.net/html/emoticons/smile.gif or let an admin know and we can change it!
  • You must list all of your characters below.

[template=magical] [align=center][b][u]absence[/u][/b][/align]<p> [b]alias[/b]: here<br> [b]range of absence[/b]: dates you'll be gone here<br> [b]characters affected[/b]: list your characters here (if you’ve also begun an application for a new character & have posted them in incomplete, list them here)<br> [b]Reason for absence[/b]: Post the reason for your absence//decreased activity here, feel free to go into as little or as much detail as possible. </p> e.g - Knuckling down for exams// taking a break for mental health // going away on a trip // just taking a break for a few days [/template]

Apr 2 2018, 12:14 PM
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alias: Mix
range of absence: July-August 2018
characters affected:
Beckham Sinclair
River O'Brien
Elijah Wolfe
Reason for absence: I've got a lot of things going on right now both with work and my personal life. I'll be sure to pop in once in a while but for the most part, I might be inactive until August. I might find some time to squeeze in a spontaneous post every now and then though. I hope. I love you guys.

Jul 8 2018, 01:41 AM
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