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23 | Fringe | Independent Resistance
Assassin Seattle Single Played by Emily
shipper dragots 20000
nathaniel duke ashton "nathan"
details Name Nathaniel Duke Ashton Age 23 Birthday August, 18, 2004 Blood Status Half-Blood resume Alma Mater Ilvermorny House Wampus Occupation Assassin Social Status Middle-Lower class Nationality American Affiliation Independant Resistance relationships Sexual Orientation Heterosexual Romantic Orientation Heteromantic Gender Identity Male Pronouns Eagle Status Single family Father Jason, 50, Unknown Mother Gabriella, 41, Unknown Siblings Kiara, 19, Disappeared Other None personality Amorentia Strawberries, Firewood, Smoke, Caramel Boggart Never finding sister Kiara Zodiac Leo Positive Traits Skilful, Resilient, Determined, Quick, Loyal Negative Traits Lack of Patience, Fixated, Cold, Removed from Emotions, Lacks Control played by alias Emily age 21 timezone GMT pronouns She/Her triggers None

Woe, destruction, ruin, and decay;

Worst is death, and death will have his day.

eyes flickering over the poisons to learn. Arsenic, Strychnine, VX, Botulinum Toxin. labels crammed with unknown liquids, effects, limits. an exit from the damp prison cell floor.

brain sieving through information about the war. the NSPS. involved before it even erupted. tracking down people who would soon be dead, blood splattering.

the slice of a knife over a throat. the words of a spell blasting death. does it matter anymore?

water dripping from the ceiling. the walls cold, empty, echoing. the metal bars freezing to a touch, the ache in the stomach, grumbling and moaning, missing someone. it hurts to care.

hate. pain. Kiara missing. Dead? heart ripping. pushing forward to find her. regardless. fighting through the desire to shut down.

loyal, to a fault.

watching those around, agitated by their incompetence. itching to shut them up, burning to silence it. but ignoring. not a part of that world.

feeling nothing seeing the empty eyes of a dead man, the blood dripping on his own hands. Forgetting any of those who were the past. own eyes cold, sharp, pure blue.

losing control. hate surrounding him. breathing heavy, fists clenching.

used to be so controlled and so focused. used to be able to detach from the world that surrounding, from the people that danced and sang. but it's becoming harder by the day. snaps quicker, slices faster, almost aches between the times of killing one NSPS member to the next.

Poison Taster Ex-Convict.

A story doesn’t stop when a war begins. No. It intensifies. But you have to understand the beginning to even comprehend how a boy who sat in a stale cell in prison, became an assassin. Blood flowing from small fingers since age 11.

But lets start from the beginning: There's moments in your life that makes you, that sets the course of who you're gonna be. Sometimes they're little, subtle moments. Sometimes they're not.

I'll show you what I mean.

My parents were never the kind to stroke my hair and sing songs. I had money if nothing else. A lot of it, one might say. Rich. But that no longer mattered when they disappeared. 10 years old. Myself and my 7 year old sister. Our parents disappeared into nothingness. What do you do at that age?

With left over family money, an apartment was bought. For us both. I made it work. I always would.

But living in a world of magic doesn't remove you from the reality of life.

The thing is, even if you see 'em coming, you're not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really. But it does. So what are we, helpless? Puppets? No. The big moments are gonna come. You can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's when you find out who you are.

You'll see what i mean.

11 years old. I could lie and say that I didn't know who the man was when he came through that door. A burgular. I could try to tell you that it was so dark I could hardly see. But that would be a lie. His face etches itself into my mind.

gun in hand

hands bound are bound to dream

finding one seam to

rip apart open

and leave what are bullets ready



squeeze it

you faceless fuck


I lifted the gun in my hand, a pre-caution. My wand had seem wrong when living in a muggle filled area. I felt the bullet leave the gun, the cold metal feeling hard within my hand. It sliced its way into the mans head. The red blood scattered and splattered around onto the walls behind, the body fell, a hard thud on the wooden floor. A scream. Sirens. Shackles being clasped around my wrists.

When I arrived at Monroe Correctional Complex, I was expecting guards, watch towers. It was less impressive. Simply stone walls and tiny square barred windows.

Maybe he robbed a store, maybe he killed somebody , maybe he was selling drugs.

The whispered circled.

It’s just you and time ticking away.

Kiara, my sister, was sent to an orphanage until the school year started. I was sent to prison. It was cold. It was wet. It echoed with the sounds of regret. I sat on the cold stone floor for 2 years. Passing my birthday. 12 years old. 13 years old.

An opportunity arose. I bit into it. I ached with the desire to leave this place, even if that meant becoming Poison Taster for IIvermorny Headmaster. It was dangerous times brewing.

I was expendable.

I was Clever. Smart. Focused. The Years passed by like they always would.

A tight leash grew tighter as the war began.

The school year never finished. A drop-out. It was pointless. People didn't know me. They knew the convict who could die any day by poison. No one made any difference or impact. Not even the redhead who's fire burnt and fizzled.

Now do you see what i mean?

None of that mattered when Kiara went missing. My sister didn't go missing, i knew. She was taken by the NSPS. Kiara wasn't the kind of girl to just disappear. To ever allow herself to be in that kind of situation.

The numbers of those who had 'disappeared' were growing.

And i refuse to let that happen.

you, through teeth

gritted and jaw working,

white knuckle got up, buckled up



you show me

how dirt really tastes


because you always

ever knew that

ballots are bullets binding

ready to sunder me

I've spent the past 3 years tracking down members of NSPS. Assassin, slicing throats who deserve it. Wands opening skin and minds. It was never easy, watching the wide eyes whitened with fear, roll back into their skulls as death struck. It was never easy to remove the blood from clothes, or scrub hands raw till the feeling of blood disappeared.

You'd never quite understand unless you've done it.

But don't get me wrong, i am no hero. In this story, I am not the man who takes down the villains. I am no hero within any of this.

Slaughtered men, their blood staining my hands, a pleasure.


Nathaniel Duke Ashton. Rich child, turned ex convict, turned ex poison taster. Grown assassinator. He is strong, cold and focused on his mission. For the first time in his adult life, he is free, and the world around is falling apart. Not that he minds, the dead empty eyes of members of the NSPS make it all worth it.

His mission is to find his sister Kiara who he believes the NSPS have taken, and he won't let anyone get in his way.


Friendship is something Nathan wasn't primarily accustomed too. Prison made it impossible. Ex-Convict wasn't exactly appealing to others. But if he were to have a friend, they would be separated from society, intelligent in their own right and interesting, again, in their own right.


On a broad spectrum, Nathan's enemy would be anyone who tries to change him. Tries to stop him. Tries to distract him from his mission. They shouldn't get involved, and he has no problems acting as he must to remove them.

But primarily, NSPS. Simple as. The last couple of years have been focused on destroying anyone affiliated with them. They stole killed? his sister, they began this war and Nathan intends to do what he can to get her back, to slaughter NSPS members for what they are doing.


Family love. It's the only kind of love Nathan has ever felt. For Kiara. It is what spurs him on. But that familial love does not continue to his parents. He does not know where they are. Why they disappeared. He doesn't care for them.

Romantic love isn't something Nathan is interested in. But if he were, they would be firey, strong, focused, loyal and beyond the norm of pretty thin curves and long flowing hair.

Feb 1 2018, 03:30 PM
19 | Admin | Staff
Rae of Sunshine
admin England Played by Rae
shipper dragots 9605
welcome toDISSENSION

Congratulations and Welcome to Dissension! To get started, please fill out your claims, upate the member directory, and check out other shippers to help get your character involved in plots!

MACUSA has fallen. Are you ready?

Feb 7 2018, 01:42 PM
21 | Fringe | Finite Incantatem
Head of Recruitment and Training Madison, FL confused Played by Vicky
shipper journal dragots 29700
awkward, abrasive allyTHOMAS

It's really hard to tell how I wound up with you.

I mean, you're just this asshole who saved my life twice with like...two facial expression, and have said all of fourteen words to me (Your favourites being "you have no control, Sawyer." Rolling my eyes here.)

And on top of all that you've got the thing with your sister and the thing with your poisons I remember feeling of burning it out of you, of the ink of your tattoos on my hands, and everything else that somewhat justifies why you're annoying as fuck, but it doesn't change the fact that you are.

Still. I mean...if it came down it, I wouldn't mind you having my back.

"Thank you No one fucking asked for your help, Ashton."

Feb 17 2018, 12:42 AM
21 | Fringe | Finite
unemployed Levittown, NY Single Played by Rae
shipper dragots 8600
did you just mansplain me?Arden

Here's a funny joke.

The former juvenile convict, turned poison taster, turned freelance assassin and a former class president, with a type A personality and very much achievable dreams of becoming MACUSA president amateur seer walk into a run down motel in California...

"I have this little thing called constitutional rights."

Feb 17 2018, 03:05 PM
21 | Fringe | Finite Incantatem
Head of Search & Rescue Massachusetts Single Played by MIX
shipper dragots 8800
background noiseYOU.
She never mentioned you.

She probably never will.

You're a part of her life that's fully independent and separate. A different book, an alternate universe, another world entirely. And that's okay. Beck knows that you exist, but he doesn't allow himself to be concerned over someonething that was never an issue in the first place.

But still.

It would be best if they never met.

"The bathroom's that way."

Feb 20 2018, 11:36 AM
20 | Magical | Unaffilated
Black market trader New York Single Played by Eili
shipper dragots 1600

Frustrating. Irritating. Annoying.

She's certain the feeling is mutual. He doesn't trust her and she doesn't trust anyone. But regardless of what she feels, a customer is a customer and over the years Nathan has always been a reliable one as he always pays, and doesn't ask for the impossible.

They prefer to keep their interactions short and to the point. Neither one wants to get involved with each other's messes when it's always more trouble than it's worth.

It's certainly a step up from the past.

Quinn knows she still owes him a favor and she doubts he would have forgotten it, even if she hasn't made a point of mentioning it to him. But one can always hope...

"Oh, please. You know there's nothing I can't get my hands on, Ashton."

Feb 20 2018, 12:24 PM
23 | MACUSA | loyalists
Undercover Agent (Spy) tallahassee single Played by evvie
shipper dragots 5150
potential dangerMINA

If asked, she wouldn't remember you. Ilvermorny was a blur. She remembers those who were close to her, but barely that.

If she had known what you'd seen, she probably would have attacked you. Found a way to shut you up. Out of frustration. Of anger. She thought she was better at hiding than she was. Good thing she doesn't know.

In her line of work, she isn't supposed to be recognized; isn't supposed to be known. She is supposed to notice and report, not become a telltale sign of the MACUSA's influence. The more you know, the more she'd need to keep you quiet.

But the NSPS is the enemy, and she won't push away any potential allies. Even if you're dangerous. Even if you could turn.

Maybe you could work together. But she won't trust you no matter how much she may want to.

"The fuck you lookin' at?"

Feb 22 2018, 12:05 PM
Writer & Stripper New York, NY Single Played by Karrie
shipper dragots 10550
just fuck sawyer alreadyMack

You're the silent, strong type, aren't you?

You're the falls in love without realizing it, aren't you?

You have the big ass stamp on your forehead clearly marked Sawyer.

But we do share the common want to shed the blood of our enemies. Although, I'm sure you're reason is far more noble or whatever the fuck.

We're not all that different, and I'm not even quite sure who I'm offending when I say that.

Surprise, surprise. I might get bored and decide to follow you out after you visit HQ for whatever dumb reason that is.

"When are you going to finally go down on her?"

Feb 28 2018, 11:52 PM
30 | MACUSA | Grindlewaldian
Death Squad Leader New York Widower Played by Vicky
shipper muse dragots 2700
an interested partySILAS
There is little I don't notice.

As the head of an elite team that cannot hire simply by walk-in interviews, it is my job to have eyes everywhere. To hear the dropping corpses in a forest.

You're a talented one, Mr. Ashton, with just the sort of skill-set that I'm looking for. You're deadly. Silent, too - it took even me a very long time to confirm your existence.

I hope we can be acquainted soon.

"Mr. Ashton. I don't believe we've met."

May 31 2018, 08:41 AM
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