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 Shaw, Azalea Marlene, 28, loyalist, troian bellisario
28 | Magical | Loyalist
Ex-Detective/Unemployed Gig Harbor, WA Single Played by kruse
shipper - dragots 1600
Azalea Marlene Shaw "Zale"
details Name Azalea Marlene Shaw Age Twenty-Eight Birthday 27 Feburary 2000 Blood Status no-maj-born resume Alma Mater Ilvermony House Thunderbird Occupation Ex-detective (MACUSA)/ currently unemployed trying to get her job back Social Status upper-class. Nationality American Affiliation Loyalists relationships Sexual Orientation heterosexual Romantic Orientation heteromantic Gender Identity cis-female Pronouns she/her Status single it’s complicated … he died . family Father Harrison Shaw, 60, Senator Mother Marisol Quincey-Shaw, 57, Senator Siblings Dahlia Q. Shaw, 24, Research intern
-------- Shaw, 27, open
Other Elliot Lawson, 31, restaurant owner deceased personality Amorentia gasoline, raspberry jam, chocolate, burning candles, freshly mowed grass Boggart watching her siblings die, suffocation, losing her mind. Zodiac Aquarius Positive Traits Intelligent, she's learned to become kind-hearted, intutive, can read people easily, self-confident. Negative Traits Stubborn, hot-headed, has a hard time trusting people, brash, opinionated. played by alias Kruse age 26 timezone EST (GMT -4) pronouns She/Her triggers None

I'm just trying to find a place to hide.
Azalea Shaw is a spit-fire. She has a quick-temper and a short fuse when it concerns injustice. Zale has a solid moral compass and believes in being non-judgemental. She is a no-maj born and a witch, but the fact that she's magical. Well, it felt a great deal like a curse more than a gift growing up. Her parents were ashamed of the fact that they had a witch in the family. It was a secret and in the company of Marisol and Harrison's political colleagues, it was always said that the eldest attended boarding school.

She was to have normal interests at home. Hence, her love of reading. She played piano and learned both French and Spanish. She longed to be accomplished more to be noticed and loved by her mother Maybe she pushed herself so hard to fit in with her family because she was tired of being an outsider. Ilvermony felt more like home than summers in Gig Harbor ever did. From the outside looking in, Azalea seems composed so she is others would suppose. A perfectionist by nature, but her father would often remark that she didn't have the grit it would take to become a senator. The remark would sting, but luckily for Zale, she had no interest in politics. This isn't to say that Zale was soft because that wasn't the case. She's just too blunt sometimes to be able to garner public favor as some senators have to do to you know to get elected to their position.

To her siblings - it seemed as though Azalea up and left home the instant she could. Their parents thought that she ended up in the Army and MACUSA helped her forge documents to support the facade. It wasn't terribly far from the truth of her matter anyhow. She did work in Magical Law Enforcement. She was a detective and a shrew.

A reserved intellectual who thought and still thinks more with her heart and firey soul than her mind sometimes. She has a sharp wit and an even sharper tongue if one crosses her. Azalea has always been a very curious soul. She always adored asking questions and digging through things to the get to the truth/crux of a situation or problem.

There's a no-nonsense side to the eldest Shaw. She's headstrong and doesn't really seek the help of others (even when she might need it). Some have called her arrogant. Many an ex-boyfriend has described her as cold and that they've had a hard time because she doesn't let her guard down. She was taught growing up that big girls don't cry and showing emotions made one weak. She's not a damsel in distress and is quite content being her own hero if she were to ever need one. There was one gentleman who got her to soften her tough as nails exterior once upon a time. Unfortunately, he's dead now.

You can either hate me or love me. but that's just the way I am.

There are lions and there are lambs. You hail from a family of lions. You are the eldest out of three children and though your father had longed for a son. He wouldn't get an heir to the Shaw political dynasty until you were a year or two old. Your mother wanted you to be her golden child. You have raised to mind your manners, work hard, to be seen and not heard. You got more attention from your nanny than you ever did your parents. Your parents gave you the world, but material things, don't console you when you're four years old and your rabbit dies.

Your parents love you although - sometimes, you think they love their work more . You pride yourself on being independent and you consider the nanny your mother. Marisol is harsh and the lioness is excel at the hunt where being a senator is concerned. Her pride of lion cubs not so much. So, you try to care for your little brother and sister as much as you can. You try to show them that you care (even though, warm and fuzzy isn't the Shaw way). You help them learn and try to take an interest in your brother's attachment to music. You play piano and you don't really like Nat Geo. but little Dolly does and so you spend time with her when you can.

You are the eldest and so you are held to high expectations. You are to set an example for your younger siblings. You are to be the epitome of a little lady. Piano lessons, ballet lessons, and etiquette. It was quite a long list of things to do and remember for a child. You learned the hard way what happens when you act out of turn at one of your parents' lavish parties. Although to be fair, it's not every day when a ten-year-old throwing a tantrum makes all the lights in the whole house go pitch black.

"This is unacceptable behavior!"

You didn't mean to scream and cry. You had had a rough day at primary school. You had gotten shoved on the playground. You didn't do well on a math test. The day had been overwhelming and then at the end of the day. You were forced to mingle with politicians and their children. Well, you had had enough. You didn't mean to snap at Roy Martin's son Troy and you didn't mean to break down crying when he called you a brat because you had poured your punch all over him. Well, he was teasing you and he wouldn't stop. You had to put an end to it.

You had no clue why all the lights in the house seemed to pop .. pop ... pop ... darkness.

Two weeks. Grounded. You felt like a caged bird. You had never felt as though you were normal and you soon discovered that you were, in fact, different from your siblings. However, being different wasn't a bad thing.


On your eleventh birthday, everything seemed to change. You got noticed by your parents, perhaps not in the way that you wanted, but it was something (even with their blank expressions akin to looks of horror). You had ripped the letter open. Your light eyes scanned its contents with glee. All of the odd occurrences that happened around you. There was finally an explanation for these events. You were indeed a witch. You felt a sense of pride swell up within you.

"You're not going!" These were the first words out of your father's mouth. "This Livermony... It's bull - "

"It's Ilvermony and I'm going!" You declare. Your arms crossed over your chest. Your voice indignant.

Your mother actually surprised you because the next morning they decided that you could go. You are quite certain it is due to the fact that your mother desperately wanted you out of her hair, but you run with their acceptance of the school at least. You know that they think the fact that you have the ability to do magic is freaky. You aren't even certain if your siblings know you're a witch because they are told that you are attending boarding school. You will see them over the holidays and summers. You would have written to your little sister and brother, but your parents hadn't wanted you to and to this day you hope that Dahlia and your brother didn't think that you hated them.

Ilvermony was a learning process and it was also a source of freedom for you. For once, you feel like you belong. You are sorted into Thunderbird. It is explained that the houses represent the entire witch or wizard. Apparently, your soul fuels you. You're an adventure seeker or so it is claimed. You stand in Gordian knot that is set in the center of the stone floor. Above you all of the elder students and all the rest of the school watches from the circular balcony of the round entrance hall. You notice that there are four stone cravings of creatures. A pureblood girl in front of you had filled you in on their names: Horned Serpent, Wampus, Thunderbird, and Pukwudgie.

It hadn't taken long for the enchanted Thunderbird statue to flap its wings in approval. You never had approval given to you so easily. Instant acceptance. You felt giddy with excitement and you couldn't wait for the second part of the ceremony where you were lead into a large hall to choose your wand.

Your parents would be thrilled that wands had to be kept at school. You couldn't perform magic outside of school until you were seventeen. Regardless, you didn't care. You would adhere to the rules of your school because here you could truly be yourself. There were no expectations and you were your own motivator.

You are fascinated by Defense against the Dark Arts. You work hard to thrive here because you don't want to go back to No-maj school. You discover quidditch as a good outlet for stress. You develop an eventual group of friends. Your first few years of schooling are rough, but during your fifth and sixth years, you find your rhythm. It becomes a routine for you. You spend your summers - studying languages - passing yourself off as the eldest daughter trying to catch up on all of the cultural things you have missed while at "boarding school". You try to keep good working relationships with your siblings, but as you get older and they do too. You can't help, but feel like there's this disconnect and maybe they are better off without your influence in their lives full time.

When you are seventeen and after you have graduated from "that school" as your father dubs it. He offers you a position in his office. You decline and tell him that you're enlisting in the Army. The truth of the matter is that you applied within the Division of Investigations (Department of Magical Law Enforcement for MACUSA) and were accepted into their training program. It was grueling and the missions that you would be sent off on essentially aren't too dissimilar from being deployed. You are serving your community (just the wizarding one) that has always felt like home to you.

However, there are still elements of your life that are from your childhood. You cannot imagine not belonging to both worlds because it is so ingrained in you. When you are home for a stint and in Manhattan. You met a restaurant owner named Elliot Lawson. You two begin dating when you are twenty-two and he is twenty-five. You are securely in your career with MACUSA and his business is doing well for itself. You are like the witch equivalent of Sherlock Holmes. That is exciting for you in and of itself. You always liked Sir Arthur's prose from the time you were in your teenage years. You enjoy the adrenaline that courses through your veins tracking down a dark witch or wizard or solving a case that may puzzle others. You are seen as a bit arrogant, yet competent. The only thing that you care about though is the fact that you are good at your job. You are confident in who you are and are comfortable in your own skin now more so than you had ever been before. It seemed as though everything was falling into place for you.


It's been a little over a year since his death. It's a mystery to you. You think that you know everything about the man you were supposed to marry, but upon cleaning out his apartment, you suddenly find secrets. Being a detective you need answers to why he died and you don't why there's a flier for OTRI in a manila folder and for a while that consumes you.

The facts that you do know are on August 22th Elliot Lawson was killed in his apartment. He was found dead by his younger brother. You were told of his death by a phone call and that left you devastated. At first, his death makes no sense. It was ruled a suicide by his no maj family you know better than that though because you know Elliot and you don't think he'd be the type of man to commit suicide. There's always more to the story than what people initially think. Sometimes, the conclusion isn't succinct. Maybe it's the detective in you. In the back of your mind the fact that your love might have killed himself may still be a valid possibly and so you don't leave that out of the possible motives, but that flier you found. It's fishy.

Your hypothesis is that he was murdered. The murderer probably wasn't a nomaj and you came to this conclusion due to the state of the tensions between wizards and nomajs alike. The thing of it that you can't wrap your head around is why a wizard would murder a simple business owner? Until you found that flier. Now, you want to know what business Lawson had with this research institute. There's always a link to crimes.

So, you do a bit more digging than you should into the Oyer and Trimer Research Institute because that isn't the case you were given. You were tasked with solving a different case entirely. One that was more related with the financial fraud and not how the supposed medical research center for No Maj was up to more and how was your late finace ever involved?

Besides, you were never known for your subtly and this concerned your boss. You coming into work late with dark circles under your eyes was another issue. You would never admit it to yourself that you were broken.

A heart-broken wonderer searching for purpose.

Only fools let love break them and she is too stubborn to admit how much pain she was in. Time has made it better now, but she's still on a break from work

Currently, she's moved back home. Honorable medical discharge from the Army or so the forged documents say. You think that her parents' would be proud of her service , but they liked that they no longer had to deal with her. She actually hates living back at home, but she does her thing and her parents are concerned with their political dynamics and being a powerhouse that could probably rival the Clintons once upon a time.

Half the time she's couching surfing in the wizarding world with her close friends anyhow. Zale's still doing some detective work of her own. What MACUSA doesn't know about won't hurt them right? Although, you are in the midst of trying to get your job back. Unemployment doesn't suit you. She needs to unravel the mystery of what the former love of her life was up to because he wasn't a wizard hater. Right? Else, they would have had a problem. Elliot just wouldn't have known that and now he never would know that she was a witch.



The eldest Shaw daughter prides herself on being independent. She's also proud of the fact that she's magical. Even if her parents are wary of her. She has PTSD, but given the nature of her job as a MACUSA detective that wouldn't be hard to explain. She just wants MACUSA to thrive and she's tired of living in secrecy because being a no-maj-born she's had to essentially live a double life since age eleven.

Her curiosity has the ability to get her into trouble. This is probably why she's been asked to "take a break" by her superior in the Divison of Investigations under MACUSA's Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Her head detective thinks that her sticking her wand and nose deeper into Oyer & Terminer Research Institute (OTRI) will put them at risk she thinks her boss is a pussy who doesn't want to get the root of the problem.

She doesn't have a problem with the wizarding or no-maj community. She doesn't understand why everyone can't leave one another the hell alone to just go about their respective lives in peace. Everyone should keep their wands and their guns to themselves. She owns both by the way because one can never be too careful in this day and age.


Zale has a few close friends. She prefers a tight inner circle. She has friends with people who are no-majs and witches and wizards. A few friends that she has remained close with that she met while at Ilvermony. One would be unable to describe the twenty-eight-year-old witch as a social butterfly. She's amicable, but some would find her to be intimidating and maybe a bit cold until one truly gets to know her. Azalea has a hard time trusting people right off the bat and has to form a comfort level with someone before they can truly see the real her. She's not as acrid as some would think. She builds walls for her own self-preservation, but once someone gets to truly know her they'll find out that she's loyal and a good friend. They just have to get used to her a little bit first.


Due to the nature of her job as a detective. This has gandered the Shaw woman some enemies. If that hasn't then that brash and blunt mouth could as well. She's stubborn and feisty. She can be a bit of a loner. It's not that she doesn't like people rather that it takes her a bit to warm up or trust people. Her headstrong take-no-shit personality can be hard to swallow for some people. Azalea doesn't go out of her way to be antagonistic or someone's enemy. If someone does mess with her or any member of her family - they'll have to deal with her though.


For a woman with the name of a flower. She isn't by any means overly delicate. She was raised from a young age to be strong and self-reliant. It takes a lot for Azalea to let her guard down and trust a man enough to date him. For Zale, she doesn't date just to date. If she's dating you then in her words "eventually, you'll be marrying my ass" She isn't in love with the idea of love nor is she a hopeless romantic. Although, when she does fall in love she falls hard. This may take people by surprise, but Azalea Shaw was engaged to the love of her life: Elliot Lawson. He made her a better person. He taught her that there was no shame in being sweet and letting one's guard down. It wasn't a weakness to show emotion or affection. It was beneficial to let people in and to ask people for help when you struggled with something. He was her best friend and if you were to ask her. He was her soulmate. Their wedding date was June thirtieth. Unfortunately, he was murdered by wizards one night in his apartment while Azalea was on assignment for MACUSA - this is her theory. He thought too that she was in the Army. He didn't know she was a witch and there are secrets about the restaurant owner that not even his own fiancee knew about him.

It's been about a year now since Elliot's passing. Azalea is single. I would like her to eventually find love again. She enjoys a man who pursues her. She isn't and never been a woman to chase someone. She's honest and direct when she speaks to someone. Often times, men won't even know she's interested in them unless they were to go out on a limb and ask her out. She'd surprise them usually if she accepted. This is completely open and so have fun with it!

May 15 2018, 03:00 PM
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welcome toDISSENSION

Congratulations and Welcome to Dissension! To get started, please fill out your claims, upate the member directory, and check out other shippers to help get your character involved in plots!

MACUSA has fallen. Are you ready?

May 18 2018, 11:21 AM
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Bassist, The Sirens Paris, France Single Played by Valyrian
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Crash Test Dummy // Potential Ally in Need of Assistance // Cordite A. Laurent

Pen-friends, you were, and are, drawn together by a happenstance beyond your own control. Your owl - old and getting senile, you wrote of it - sent your job reinstatement application letter to Cordite instead of its rightfully-meant and intended letter-recipient.

So, in the middle of her regular, afternoon run through Central Park, NY, you're the very last person that Cordite, after a lapse in concentration, accidentally runs-into in mid-sprint.

You both crash to the trail path, clutching your foreheads in pain as you stare, dazedly, at one another. Something about you seems familiar to Cordite, and something about Cordite seems familiar to you.

Being a Sirens' fan, which you had been since their very beginning, you recognise Cordite instantly. You are overjoyed to see one of your musical idols seated not three metres from you. You're eager to meet this Siren in person and are itching to tell the tale of it to your nearest and dearest.

Cordite, meanwhile, is struck mute with self-recrimination and fathomless guilt. How could she be so tactless, thoughtless and insensitive as to knock you down as she just had? What if you feel the need to sue her? The Sirens don't need this bad press right now. You need to get to your latest gig and set up.

She feels duty-bound to make this mistake of hers up to you, to the fullest extent of her ability. But first, she needs a little encouragement to speak her mind. She feels scatterbrained and guilt-ridden.

In a freak twist of fate, as you, Cordite, hit the path, you roll onto your right side, in an attempt to break your fall. Your ill-advised movement serves to press down the button of your pocket-stashed switchblade, which activates the cold steel and sends its sharpened, nine-inch blade sinking, four inches deep, into your right mid-thigh.

You'll both know not to remove the blade.

Your roll also drives scattered rocks, of differing sizes and sharpness, into your open wound - which you both notice at the same time.

Though the wound is deep, you'd managed not to damage anything vital, but you'll still need medical treatment of some kind. She suggests an ambulance - surely Ailemer's Hospital staff can treat your leg-wound. But no, you're adamant - you'd settle for non-hospital-staff wound-treatment. You don't even think that the wound is even that bad - but she does.

Remarkably, she's even more stubborn than you are, and so you give in to her wishes. She accompanies you, in the ambulance, to Ailemer's. She even remains with you as you get your wound treated and as you get told to remain there overnight for observation and continuing treatment, just in case. Only a rare, kindred spirit would do that for someone that they'd only just physically met.

"Mon Dieu! Ouch! Oh, gods above, below and beyond, I beseech you and this young lady, whom I have wronged - please don't sue me. Or my flatmates. You might not know of us, we've only just burst onto the scene as artistes. What can I do to assist you? Are you quite hurt? I simply must make my mistake up to you, if at all possible. Oh, why must I have even allowed my concentration to wander? You can say it, you know - bright idea, Cordite. Jolly good show, or what have you. Apologies, Miss."

May 23 2018, 06:03 PM
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