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 Rebuilding Olympus, -Choosing the Next President-
30 | MACUSA | Loyalist
MACUSA Chief of Staff Rochbury, New York Single Played by Topher
shipper dragots 2200
A year ago, a president of convenience was put in place, now it’s time to pick the right ONE...

It had been mere months since MACUSA had been attacked. Quahog was dead, along with the majority of the top tier of the Wizarding Government and American wizarding society was becoming increasingly divided whilst being forced to flee into the shadows. They had stormed the Woolworth Building and decimated them with weapons they hadn’t been able to anticipate resulting in their former headquarters becoming a wreck. Without the presence of MACUSA, there were many who believe they are free to live lawless lives and use their abilities to prove themselves superior over the No-Maj. Quahog’s successor emerged in the form of Ronan Graves.

With the government in tatters, the Jet, one of the last surviving magi-congressmen has called a meeting of some unlikely loyalists: one’s that all believe that Ronan Graves isn’t the right person to lead, but then again neither is Charles Rappaport.

The plot would initially begin with them all being brought together by the Jet to meet and suggest a way forward either by suggesting existing characters or creating new ones to be considered and then eventually picking Ronan’s successor and using their political and social weight to put that person in power. This would mean threads of the actual meetings between the candidates and staff, propose bills and plot take overs.

The JET (M) approx.55

The older statesman or magi-congressman for New York. He has called the initial meeting and had the least confidence in Ronan as the best option for President. He will not take the seat himself, though many think he should. He is a friend of the Trojan’s father and saw to it that the Trojan was offered the promotion to Chief of Staff. In the next election, he has asked to ensure a larger role in the Wizarding Government.

The EDITOR (M) 30

The Trojan’s ex. They had met at school, so it will be a blast from the past when they suddenly met again having drifted apart after graduation. He plans to put his paper, the New York Ghost behind the favoured successor and made sure that little press is offered to the other candidates.

The ENGRAVER (M) approx.29

The Principal Dragot Engraver is the highest-ranking loyalist in the MACUSA Treasury Department. He has the pleasure of working under Charles Rappaport and utterly despises the man. He was also part of the Bureau similar to Teddy, so maybe they knew each other from there… maybe they didn’t.

The INTERN (M) approx. 19

The Intern has just graduated from Ilvermorny. He has been sent to represent his father who is the magi-congressman for California. He currently works as an intern in the Department of Magical Flora and Fauna. He is loyal to his family and relies on his father’s direction probably too much. But they are an old magical family with well-established connections across the states and the Intern has inherited these connections from his family.

The EXPELLIARMUS (M) approx.32

The Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor at Ilvermorny has been asked to attend the meeting by Headmaster Fontaine. The Professor is a loyalist and believes in strong government, having been an auror in the past and seen the trouble weak government can bring.

The TROJAN(M) 27 @Edward Hudson

The Trojan will represent his father much as the Intern had, Robert Hudson being the magi-congressman for New Jersey. Before he will leave for the meeting, Hudson Snr will give his son some advice about the Jet: Always ask for something, because he will. Meticulous in his planning, the Trojan has plans for plans.

Faceclaims are completely open, but I do have suggestions if anyone wants to take any of the above. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!
Apr 13 2018, 05:11 PM
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