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All accepted applications go here. Accepted apps double as shippers. Feel free to browse through our diverse set of characters and start plotting!

MURPHY, CHARLOTTE FAYEwritten by MIXApr 12 2018, 07:04 AM50 topics 281 replies

This is where you post your wanted ads. What are Wanted Ads? They're essentially ads requesting someone to play a character for you.

The A-teamwritten by MAIA GREENFELDToday at 02:03 pm25 topics 31 replies

Letters, postcards, and text messaging. All sorts of ways to communicate.

make it to mewritten by GRACE GARDINERApr 3 2018, 04:51 AM7 topics 128 replies
Character Development

For all character trackers, journals, muse boards or anything that you might need to further your creativity.

Request a new board by contacting an admin.

Junebug [TW]written by JUNIPER FITZPATRICKApr 13 2018, 02:31 AM82 topics 277 replies
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